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Updated[13.2.12] Discuss all Samsung Galaxy S III rumors/release date/speculation/news

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Kevin098, Jan 2, 2012.

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    I'm in the same boat. For me, its either the EVO LTE or the Galaxy S III. The only thing I don't like about the new EVO is that tacky and glossy looking upper back. Hopefully theres a solution for that in the near future. As for the GS3, I'm tired of these tech sites with these ''sources'' claiming this...claiming that. I'll believe everything once the top dogs announce the phone themselves. Bottom line....after May 3rd, I'll make my disicion.
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    +1 on that.
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    I'm not a huge fan of that back part either, but I have read from various reviewers that it's actually better looking in person, so I'll reserve judgement and at least consider that it could actually be better in person. the gs3 look would have to really be stellar for it to be a real factor in my decision, but if anyone could pull that off its Sammy. the one x did the job looks wise, and if it came to sprint looking the same I'd have the same choice to make. it's a bonus to have the extra features IMO and I continually warm to the idea that EL TEvo does set itself apart with its look even if it is due to its evo heritage. not always a negative to stand out in a crowd I guess. exciting times nonetheless
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    lol since we're all like crackheads feenin for any non recycled info about our addictions. well at least that describes me
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    i'm not even sure why people were saying it wasn't. just because it was ugly everyone assumed it couldn't be the s3? well, its ugly because its in a shell to hide the real phone

    here are the specs. big battery! yay :cool:

    the sample photo's it took leave a LOT to be desired :/
  10. shark974

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    A little underwhelming if true.

    I hope it doesnt have the "faux" 4.65" screen of the Nexus. I've looked at the Nexus screen next to the "4.5" of the Skyrocket, and the skyrockret screen is bigger.

    The Nexus just has a long screen which makes the diagonal bigger. Plus the usable area is even less because of the onscreen buttons.

    Also suggests 720P instead of the 1080P rumors, which always seemed too good to be true.

    Still, I assume it'll be the first non-pentile 720P Amoled, and it's still basically going to be the best phone out there. The quad core Exynos should be way faster than whatevers in the One X, for example. Besides that, this leak may not tell us much.

    Also, the leaks suggested 1.5GB RAM, whereas this says 1GB, which is another downgrade that wouldn't surprise me. The big battery is nice though, hopefully it actually gets better battery life with it rather than just the same as prior phones (due to all the new stuff).
  11. Crafty

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    Well quite, if they stopped writing dumb stuff we may start paying attention.

    Far as this latest "leak" goes, wasn't there something about multiple models ? I reckon this is a lower spec one that replaces the S2.

    lower than expected spec, no ceramic, removable battery, not a "cool" design.. it just doesn't match anything we've heard so far.

    ETA: korean tech site(?) says this is mid level phone:
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    multiple models? got a link?

    its the exact same rumors that have been around for months. lower than expected? what were you expecting? no ceramic because it's not the actual phone. removable battery is a bad thing? not cool because its not the actual phone...

    it matches EVERYTHING we've heard..for months...

  13. Orion

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    I don't know what to believe anymore. Come on May 3rd! Hurry up!
  14. solid_s_1117

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    Whose the wise guy who put up this ludicrous math equation!? This is a place to RAGE about the next super phone!

    Jokes aside, I was hoping for a thinner bezel on this "next" Galaxy device. The screen just looks like a bigger (albeit crisper) GS II screen. I shall continue to hold my final judgment until May though.
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    The reason the "faux" 4.65" Nexus screen was overall smaller than the 4.5" of the Skyrocket was due to different aspect ratios.

    The 4.65" Nexus screen has a 16:9 aspect ratio (1280x720)
    The 4.5" Skyrocket has a 5:3 aspect ratio (800x480)
    The inches just measure the diagonal length regardless of screen aspect ratio.

    Another way to visualise it would be to compare Widescreen TV's (16:9) to the old cathode ray tv's that were (4:3) or so I think, or something close to that.
    But basically a 5" rectangular screen would have a different display area to a 5" square screen.
    So nothing "faux" going on there lol.
    The camera samples are underwhelming so hopefully it's just a test software related. If they are the manufacturers of the camera that goes into the phone, assuming they build their range of mobile cameras on the same architecture platform, they could easily go for a straight swap of components with minimal difficulties. This is akin to swapping out a higher spec CPU in the same generational architecture in your PC. E.g swapping out a core i3 for core i5 on the sandybridge platform.

    Given that it is a test unit and the external design and hence dimensions of the phone aren't known, they could easily put in a higher capacity battery if needed, though the 2050mAh is a decent improvement in capacity already.

    What is disappointing though is the GPU. Unless it's clocked at higher speed or is a multicore variant upgrade over the S2 then we're getting something that is considered outdated. It will do the job..but for a flagship I think people expect a bit more. Even though a straight swap to a higher gen mali might not be difficult, it would be extremely odd to not have it in a testing unit at this point.

    What I'm interested about is which model is going to be the S3.
    S1= i9000
    S2= i9100
    GNex= i9250
    S3= i9300 or i9500?

    And if video with the dummy unit with onscreen buttons is the i9300, then is the other dummy unit with the home button an updated variant of the i9300 or is it really the i9500?:thinking:
  16. Crafty

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    I can't find it now but in one of the news articles it was noted that these "unpacked" events always have multiple products announced.

    I've been browsing here and there and some believe this is going to be called the "galaxy m". I haven't bothered looking but Samsung said they'd be launching a mid range phone a while back and some think this is it.

    ETA: Apparently Engadget have received a legal request to take the video down. No point mind, its already on you tube with subtitles.
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    the gpu is actually pretty decent. we should see the same scores as the exynos s2 now, but at a 720p resolution. since the 4412 is at 32nm, i think the gpu is clocked at 400mhz+
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    I wonder if "M Project" means anything...

    Take this with a grain of salt, but someone on xda said that the onscreen button dummy unit is a prototype that was sent out dec 16th.
    Another person suggested the prototype leaked on gizmodo is the updated unit, which has the 12mp camera.
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    please no :(
  20. jonnyt211

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    If these are the specs for the phone released on May the 3rd, I would put money on it being the champion phone so far. Liking the One X but the larger removable battery and micro sd card slot are big bonuses for me. I suspect it may be one of a few phones to be released over the next months. If the timeline of Q3/Q4 for the A15 chip is correct, do you thing Samsung will wait until summer 2013 before putting it in a phone? If the A15 is not that far away we will see another phone from Samsung. Though I doubt I will wait from what I have see so far. Well of course price and the shell will be the final decider!
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