Root Updated 8/13/12!! [ROM] [AOSP] SensuAOSP Version 1.1



-Latest CM7 nightly
-Themed heavily to resemble sense 4.0
-Latest beats audio
-ViperMOD baked in
-Lots of apps are included
-Sony Bravia
-Sony xLoud
-Gapps baked in
-A2SD baked in
-Mason G .15 SBC FSO baked in
-Super fast!!
-Much more!

None yet

-Initial release
-ROM size: 117.79MB

-Added my magic elixir of tweaks for speed
-Zipaligned the apks, apps should run a bit faster now
-Added a jellybean wallpaper app, along with a several other apps
-Removed ADWlauncher
-Added Vipermod, if you don't know how to run it, do NOT be afraid to ask!
-New bootanimation
-Added data speed tweak (Thanks fiddy619)
-Added latest Play Store.. no more having to wait on the market to update
-Added in the sense4 theme, no more having to DL it yourself
-GPS fix
-ROM size: 145.52MB

8/4/12 #2
-Fixed Play Store issues (sorry)
-Removed a couple of apps
-Google Talk now supports audio/video chat
-ROM size: 147.66MB
(I plan to include several tweaks in the next update)

-Added a ton of new apps
*Notable apps: A modded Youtube app that plays 720p HD video, it looks really good
..Added the XDA edition of Betterbatterystats.. that means it was FREE and available to people for FREE
..Added Swype (Don't worry, I kept the stock GB keyboard, I personally don't like Swype but I know some of you do, so I included it)
..Added a neat new folder browser, the one from MIUI
..Added a beta version of Dolphin Browser, it is modded to load pages faster, and it does it quite well too!
..And added a new Sense 4 clock, it is the closest thing to the 'real' Sense 4 clock
-Added many other apps too!
-Added the newest Beats audio libs (Thanks rockodev)
-Zipaligned those apps (yay more speed)
-ROM size: 168.31MB

-Removed a ton of apps to reduce ROM size
-Added loopy smoothness tweak (Thanks Ipy)
-ROM size: 145.64MB

-Added back stock cm7 bootanimation
-Added in an app that helps with toggling wifi
-Added in a better looking statusbar (Thanks smaw51)
-Zipaligned all apps

8/8/12 #2:
-Added in Sony xLoud (Audio will now be louder)
-Added in Sony Bravia (Screen/picture quality will increase)
-Removed a few apps
-ROM size: 145.41MB

-Added in Swype
-Removed some apps
-Added a really cool media player app (Thanks ssuukk)
-Memory tweaks

8/11/12 Official release:
-New system font
-Memory tweaks/optimizations
-Removed some apps
-New bootanimation
-ICS style animations
-systemUI/framework changes
-ROM size: 150.30MB

-Added ~25MB of new apps
-Added in Google Voice
-Added in scottypetersons ultimate RAM tweak.... that means the ROM is even faster!!:) .. (Thanks to scottypeterson for making it)
-Zipaligned all the apps again
-ROM size: 175.74MB

Download link:

Version 1.1: Dev-Host - - The Ultimate Free File Hosting / File Sharing Service
MD5: eded002ae238c066b4e39304e15a60e0
All ROM versions: Dev-Host - The Ultimate Free File Hosting / File Sharing Service

How to flash this:
1. Wipe everything except your SDcard 3x
2. Partition your SD card to 1024, 0 swap
3. Upgrade ext2 to ext3
4. Upgrade ext3 to ext4
5. Flash the ROM
6. Wipe cache and dalvik-cache
7. Reboot
8. Dont touch your phone for at least 15 minutes

Please know when you partition your SD card, you will lose EVERYTHING!! So back up your content on your PC/Mac/whatever you use!!

Thanks to:
The CyanogenMod team
ATyoung for his awesome mason kernel
TommyTomatoe for his android utility script
zeppelin_rox for the v6 supercharger
The team behind UOT
Rockodev for beats audio
XxpachaxX for sony bravia and xloud
Zzhacks for his help/idea
Death-By-Soap for his help
Team XTC
Google for open source
Dsixda for his kitchen
HUUUGE thanks to mazda
And all of YOU!
if i missed someone, let me know!!