Help Updated Firmware No Can't access software update or connect to Kies


I've got a Galaxy s3 on T-mobile UK.

I wanted to upgrade to the latest firmware so i followed the instructions in this forum to upgrade firmware without rooting the phone.

I successfully upgraded firmware with Odin to I9300XXBLG8.

I have two problems.

1. the phone will not connect to Kies on either my PC or Mac. It says 'Device not responding.'

2. The software update on the phone (one of the main reasons to un-brand my phone) won't get pass the licensing agreement. I get the error 'processing failed'.

Is this what happens when you un-brand a s3? or is there something i can to remedy this problem?

it's driving me crazy, if anyone can help you make me a happy chappy.




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Hi Lorrebreaker,

Thanks for the help. I followed the instructions and the phone displayed Preconfig screen and a Sales Code it is TMU which is United Kingdom, should i still change it to BTU?