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UPDATED MAY 18TH New to Android....my first 24 hours w/ Nexus

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by tonykilo943, May 16, 2011.

  1. tonykilo943

    tonykilo943 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I should post this in introductions...but I have questions so here we go...

    Been a BB guy for over 10 years.....the last year I've been wanting to switch but kept waiting.....finally pulled the trigger yesterday with trepidation...here is my first 24 hour experience.

    Yesterday after buying the phone I also bought the standard gel case/holster combo....sure got rid of a bunch of gloss...plus I don't like phones in my pocket.

    when I got it home the first thing I did was plug into the laptop....create ringtone files...and download my old ringtones from my my sd card on the BB....I do not have a problem with the noise levels w/ these ringtones..they are awesome and plenty loud.

    Than I turned the wi-fi on....it works awesomely....from 40 feet away! I also do not have a wifi issue w/ my phone...

    I proceeded to download some apps....angry birds of course....started reading the forums a little differently than I did before I bought the phone...wasn't research anymore, now it was learning....I noticed that some of the tips/tricks in the regular android forum don't work on this phone, different menus etc...presume that is because gingerbread is different...we need a tips/tricks thread for our phones also..hint hint.

    Stayed up late playing with the phone, anxiously waiting for tomorrow so I could see how fast the battery would die.....see if I could use it as a hotspot....see if I would hate not getting my MS Exchange emails to my phone....etc.

    Day 1 (Full Day)

    First thing I noticed was that the alarm didn't go off....with my BB i could turn the phone off and it would turn itself on at alarm time and ring the alarm.... little help here would be nice!

    Had 95% battery first thing in the morning and I checked it all the time as I showered and dressed etc....battery started draining immediately...of course being a newbie I checked what was causing it....couldn't see a culprit.

    Drove to work...now it's been on 2 hours...was at 80% battery with only one phone call and several texts....worrying now.

    Turned on the hot spot...worked awesome, used that for 1/2 hour....tried to figure out exchange settings but couldn't...also swiped to silence phone during a meeting..pretty cool. I had the screen set to turn off in 15 seconds, I will change that tomorrow, pretty irritating actually it shutting off while reading emails.

    My Gmail account actually sent emails to my phone faster than to my desktop...that works flawlessly.

    Made phone calls, talked 20 minutes total according to the phone. Texted quite a bit....read emails, sent emails....even opened tons of pictures in an email...wow the screen is huge compared to what I'm used to...and nicer to look at!

    One irritating thing, just a setting thing I'm sure...when I get a text and cannot look at my phone it incessantly vibrates over and over and over using NoLed...I need to change that setting.

    After a lunch meeting and some races w/ an Iphone to find something on Google ( i won )....I had 74% battery which was about 7 hours after turning the phone on ! wow! I am happy about that...

    More texting, more phone calls etc....more internet..still no angry birds.

    Now I'm home typing this....I presently have 51% battery and it has been on 13 hours!!! I had awesome signal all day 3G all day long.....my reception here at my house still sux, but it sucked w/ my blackberry, sucks w/ my daughters Epic and my Sons Touch 2.....candidate for the antenna you think???

    tonight my chore is to download a free version of Touchdown...I hope there is a trial? I really want my work email to come to this phone and than it would be perfect!!

    I love it, thanks to this forum I think I made an informed decision...other than getting used to the keyboard, I'm a happy camper...I've never backspaced more in my entire life.

    do me a favor, any of this stuff above that you might be able to help with? Please feel free to chime in!

    Thanks in advance....

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  2. tonykilo943

    tonykilo943 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    touchdown works seamlessly...wow I'd rather read emails on this phone than on my computer anyway!!!!
  3. Tommydaniel

    Tommydaniel Android Expert

    About the turning off phone and it automatically turning back on for the alarm, that's a blackberry thing.
  4. tonykilo943

    tonykilo943 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    yeah....I figured.

    Will try airplane mode tonight....
  5. TheBlackPrince

    TheBlackPrince Well-Known Member

    Sounds like you're getting excellent battery life out of it. Any signal problems? Lots of people have been complaining about that on the Sprint forums.
  6. camaao

    camaao Lurker

    Not exclusively though, my old Sony Ericsson W780i would set the alarm off and turn the phone on if it was off during the night.
  7. tonykilo943

    tonykilo943 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    For some reason Airplane mode didn't work......I think it's because I may have turned it off :)

    I'll try again tonight..

    as for signal strenght, haven't noticed anything any worse than my other phones...
  8. tonykilo943

    tonykilo943 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    So the 2nd and 3rd day and I'm still learning and reacting...

    Yesterday wasn't a great battery day....I had installed Touchdown for my exchange account for work...set it to push as the emails arrived....played angry birds.....plugged in charger into USB at around 4PM...probably didn't really need to but battery was at 43%...keep in mind that would have been 10 hours the phone had been on.

    Got irritated by a couple of things yesterday.....really is a pain in the @ss to compose a text or email...replying is easy [​IMG].....on blackberry you started typing contact name and they pop up...this phone couple extra steps....I think I need to create widgets on 1 of the home screens that automatically open a message or email already set to go with recipient popped in...anybody know how to do that?

    2nd irritant was the "press 1 to answer this call"...one quick search on here fixed that.....

    3rd irritant was the duplicating notifications because I'm using Handcent...fixed that also after a quick search here....

    Typing issues of course.....I played w/ the voice recognition in the car today and replied to texts that way...it actually works really really well if you speak slowly and clearly....much safer and easier to use, I like that feature. I may try to send a long email with it and see if I still think so.

    today was a better battery day...set the screen to lock after 2 minutes....instead of 15 seconds....tomorrow I am going to set it for even longer...trying to find that happy medium as I am accustomed to picking up the phone and having it ready to fly right away.....I hate the extra key strokes to just make a call to be honest....

    Touchdown is now set to manually retrieve.....when I leave the office a couple of taps and its back to instant push.....don't need the notifications when I'm at my desk, why waste the battery.

    Using wifi right now as my service at home is terrible....

    Used hot spot today briefly to transfer files...

    battery is now at 39% and the phone has been on for 15 hours and using wifi the last 3 hours.

    I am learning a little more each day....this is fun!

    Thanks for listening...
  9. V425

    V425 Android Enthusiast

    I filled one of my screens with shortcuts to my most called/texted contacts so its just one click.
  10. NOMster

    NOMster Android Enthusiast

    One thing you can do is add a shortcut to message or call a specific contact. Also you can make a shortcut to a contact and when you press it you get all the options. Email,message,call,chat etc.
    Just long press then when the window pops up choose shortcut. The next window will have option for direct call ,direct message ,contact along with several other options.
  11. tonykilo943

    tonykilo943 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    thanks for the tips on the shortcuts! I am going to do that right now!

    May 19th

    I set my screen to lock at 2 minutes.....I talked on the phone for 46 minutes total today, 45 text messages, 32 emails, surfed a bit to find something....set touchdown to instant push most of the day

    Battery now at 29% and the phone has been up and running for 12.5 hours.
    I'd say the battery is fine.....wouldn't you agree?
  12. YaBoiD

    YaBoiD Android Enthusiast

    That is pretty impressive...

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