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Updated to 2.3

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by DashRipRock, Feb 17, 2012.

  1. DashRipRock

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    Jun 12, 2011
    Update my Acer Liquid E to Android 2.3.7 it wasn't too bad.

    Backed up my phone with Titanium
    Removed SD and used a spare.
    Installed Malez Recovery
    Did 3 Button start to start Malez
    Wiped/Formatted the SD ext
    Wiped the phone using the Wipe All option
    Turned on USB Transfer in Malez
    Moved Zipped Liquid Next folder to SD.
    Installed Software on phone

    The whole above process is done in Malez Recovery.

    Usual start-up stuff google account etc.
    You have to download some Liquid Next software to complete the process

    Re-installed Titanium
    Put Original SD Card back in phone.
    Do restore of all apps and data


    Everything seems to work.

    3 hour after this post the phone became very unstable. Figures. I re-did the above procedure and did a selective restore. The programs I needed when I was running a rooted 2.2 are mostly not needed. The 1.9.2 has everything in it. The phone is running much better using the included software to configure the phone. There are a couple of programs that won't work in 2.3. But nothing critical. Having backups is very important. I have my schedule and contacts backed with Google and my bookmarks backed up with Dolphin Sync. The rest of the stuff is backed up using Titanium. So no worries.


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