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Support Updates to Flash and Google Maps out of the box

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by TheHoodedClaw, Jun 23, 2011.

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    Note that when you pull your EVO 3D out of the box, it will have updates to Adobe Flash and to Google Maps available. To my knowledge, it doesn't alert you to these under "my apps" in the Marketplace. Google Maps was bumped up to the top of the list in my case, but it didn't show an app available till I clicked on it in the list and got the opportunity to upgrade. The Flash situation was even worse, there was no cue that it was there, but since I had a similar situation with my EVO 4G, I went to Adobe Flash and checked, and it did download an update. Based on my EVO 4G experience, you will receive updates to these apps as normal once you update them in the market once.

    I assume this is the Adobe update involved, note that it is a security issue:
    Adobe - Security Bulletins: APSB11-18 - Security update available for Adobe Flash Player

    You also have the HTC Hub updates, and supposedly two OTA updates. I did the first OTA update out of the box. Assuming you do the OTA update out of the box, I'd suggest doing a factory reset immediately afterwards before you start loading up apps (I always try to do factory reset after a firmware update, though I've been known to delay it if I had put a lot of work into getting my EVO set up just right!). As discussed in another thread about lunchtime today, I'd also recommend updating your PRL and Profile after the factory reset.



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