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Updating firmware..

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by HoUdInI, Jul 14, 2013.

  1. HoUdInI

    HoUdInI Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Need to know i have an update for my motion but when i update it says error and when it boots says also can't update phone suspected of root can not update phone suspected of root...anyway to update i think im on c but not sure

    and what is best to be on i have heard i think a though c from what i see..

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  2. neo315

    neo315 Newbie

    You can still reflash using the ubricking method depending on how willing you are to go through the process/have backups/etc. I got the same error when I tried the C firmware CM fix and it didn't help and now I'm back on F.
  3. HoUdInI

    HoUdInI Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    This phone is to complicated this phone was a waste of money...can't even unroot without a hard time and recovery is a pain in the butt.....
  4. sammyz

    sammyz LG Whiz Kid

    All you gotta do is follow the unbrick guide to unroot :)
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  5. _DarkDragon_

    _DarkDragon_ Well-Known Member

    yep the unbrick guide is a complete lifesaver thanks to sammyz:D
  6. Spdfreak34

    Spdfreak34 Android Enthusiast

    Some people just have difficulty following directions.
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  7. zeft64

    zeft64 Well-Known Member

    What part is making it hard for you? Any way I can help?

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