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updating software help

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by semtition, May 18, 2011.

  1. semtition

    semtition Newbie
    Thread Starter

    The phones software update does not work. I want to update to android 2.2 is there a way I can update my phone without a computer ?

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  2. gabeyong

    gabeyong Android Enthusiast


    1) SONY Ericsson Official update stopped at 2.1.1 There are no more updates from SONY Ericsson to 2.2

    2) 2.2 ROM for Xperia X8 are custom ROMs. You must have a PC to install 2.2 custom ROMs.

    check out "X8 - All Things Root" for more information.

    cheers :)
  3. semtition

    semtition Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Ah I see thank you very much for your help
  4. sathish087

    sathish087 Newbie

    hi guys..
    trying to repair my phone thru SE update service, it says ur phone already has new software.... there is no option for reinstall or repair.. it just shows finished n exit only..

    tried with pc companion, it says no software available yet.. pls help..
    im running on gingerfroyo v1.4.16 ..

    pls help me..
  5. gabeyong

    gabeyong Android Enthusiast


    There are no updates for custom roms
    and you cannot update custom roms using pc companion.
    you can only update a custom rom if there is a new custom rom posted by the developer... e.g racht's Floyo-0.15--> upgraded to --> Floyo-0.20

    If you want to go back to the official SONY Ericsson's 2.1.1

    you can use xRecovery to flash your original rom backup
    switch off your phone
    launch pc companion on your PC
    plug in your USB cable to your phone
    hold the back button and plug in your USB to your PC
    the repair process should start...

    cheers :)
  6. sathish087

    sathish087 Newbie

    hi gabeyong..
    thank u..
    yeah im trying to switch back to stock.. i dont hv backup in xrecovery..
    so, i tried update service.. followed the steps.. still the same error.. i swtchd back to stock 2.1 twice successfully before. i had no probs before.. previously after connecting usb(holding back key) the option used to be [ u have the latest software do u want to still repair. n a repair option].
    now there is no such option, it just says FINISHED u have latest softwr, n an exit option..

    pc companion repairs though, it ends up saying there is no software available yet for ur phone. please try again later...
    pls help me.. is there anything wrong with my phone..
  7. gabeyong

    gabeyong Android Enthusiast


    Ok. If you cannot use PC Companion or SEUS then try flashing the original ROM back to your phone.

    Follow this link here

    Make sure you get the correct original rom... (E15a 2.1.1 or E15i 2.1.1)

    cheers :)
  8. sathish087

    sathish087 Newbie

    thanks dude.. that was needy...
    but bit complicated, anyhw, thanks a lot..
  9. Riper97

    Riper97 Lurker

    sathish can you help me i have the same problem :/

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