Help Updating to Jelly Bean?


So i just got an htc one x (not +) and it came preinstalled with android 4.0.4 ICS, i was wondering how i can update it to jelly bean 4.1, i went into settings and check for updates and nothing came up, so how do i go about this?


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if there is no factory over the air update you will have to root the device and install a custom ROM in order to put a different version of Android on it, including Jelly Bean, or wait for an upgrade from your carrier


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As others pointed out, some devices have not received the update yet, and it is not HTC's fault, but the network providers'. I am sorry, but you'll have to wait for the update to come out.


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Can you be a little more specific as to what model (tegra3 or S4/LTE) that you have, as well as if it's unlocked or carrier branded (and which carrier, if so)? That way we can help you figure out if you should have an update or not.

As BigCiX said above, us on at&t with carrier locked S4/LTE handsets are still waiting, but most other carriers have released the update, as far as we know. But, with more information, we should be able to track down whether you should have an update or not.