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Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by michaelkahl, Feb 13, 2011.

  1. michaelkahl

    michaelkahl Android Enthusiast
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    So I'm super stoked about potentially getting the Thunderbolt. I know it's not dual-core and comes in at $249.99 but I don't care.
    1. Sense is awesome, IMHO
    2. HTC makes quality handsets
    3. The 1GHz chip that is in it is a power house
    4. DLNA support and an official renderer attachment for TV's = double win!
    5. Potentially getting unlimited data plan is another huge plus before tiered pricing comes into the picture.

    I spoke with a Verizon rep this weekend and she told me this.
    Rep "There is no word on when the Thunderbolt will be released or pricing."
    Me "OK, thanks I'll check back later." I begin walking out the door
    Rep "I can tell you that the Thunderbolt will be out soon."
    Me "Sounds good."
    Rep "No I mean it'll be out real soon, I can't say when but soon...real soon!"

    What does this mean? Not a whole lot, this is a commissioned sales rep who wants my business but for some odd reason doesn't want me communicating via email. She prefers for customers to call her business cell...seriously we are in the 20th century. Be willing to work with email cause I don't have time to make these types of calls during the day. Setup your work email to hit your business phone and engage your customers. Sorry that was a soapbox...

    Anyway, I've thought and compared this to the iPhone 4 and came to this conclusion. I can't live with the small 3.5" screen, a phone encased in glass on both sides, or the lack of social integration. I want Flickr, Facebook, Twitter etc...to be linked to my contacts, I want DLNA suppor that will let me play captured video from the phone to my TV, and I want many of the features that Android has to offer.

    The only thing that would push me away from the Thunderbolt is if they only offer tiered or outrageous data plan pricing.

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  2. Eleer

    Eleer Member

    We're in the 21st century broseph. Figured I'd get ya up to date.

    P.S. Thunderbolt is going to be amazing. Dual-core is something that Android users can definitely live without.

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