Mar 2, 2010
Hi All,

I've got the new 2.1 DE03 on my Moment & rooted (Thanks Joey).

I want to use the full version of Moxier Mail instead of the stripped down version that comes installed.

Here are the steps I used (mostly thanks to ften at sdx-dev):

  1. Remove the APK file from /system/app/ (I used Titanium Backup)
  2. From Settings, go to Applications, then to Manage apps
  3. Look for an app that starts with 'com.' and has 'moxier' in the name and the size of the app is 0.00B and uninstall it.
  4. Reboot into Recovery mode and clear your dalvik cache
  5. Reboot again and install the new version of Moxier Mailer.
  6. You'll have to re-enter your Exchange account information again, but you should be good at this point

Good luck!