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UPGRADE is up March 12...Verizon Iphone, DroidX, or Thunderbolt.

Discussion in 'Verizon' started by nygiants10, Feb 5, 2011.

  1. nygiants10

    nygiants10 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I have no idea at all what to get. Any help would be awesome.

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  2. gadzooks64

    gadzooks64 Member

    What a coincidence. That's the exact date my next upgrade kicks in.

    I plan to get the Thunderbolt. I'm not a big fan of Motorola's take on Android and I do not want an iPhone.

    I love my Incredible but want a bigger screen. I love HTC Sense and think they make the best phones out there right now.
  3. nygiants10

    nygiants10 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Im leaning towards thunderbolt, I have a moto droid now and love it, but its age is showing a lot now, so slow and laggy
  4. 8-Bit-Soldier

    8-Bit-Soldier Android Enthusiast

    Get the iPhone if you want simplicity but Apple's locked down wall

    Get the Droid X for a non-root phone but great build quality and exceptional call quality

    Or get the Thunderbolt with HTC's signature style of phones(Kickstand, Unibody construction, Front Facing Camera, more RAM and faster processors) and an unlocked bootloader
  5. Filipino.Cowboy

    Filipino.Cowboy Android Enthusiast

    That's my upgrade date too! I'm going the Bolt route. There are so many advantages (for me) over the iPhone. However, I am recommending my mom get an iPhone. The simpler the better for her ;)
  6. robdec17

    robdec17 Member

    ok thats just weird.. My upgrade date is also March 12th !
  7. snuggles

    snuggles Android Enthusiast

    Need I say more.....
  8. nygiants10

    nygiants10 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Thunderbolt it is, My 2nd lines upgrade is august 18th so if something pimp come out later i can get that/
  9. did you really expect to get any answer other than the thunderbolt making a posting in the thunderbolt forum? lol
  10. Diggit

    Diggit Newbie

    Some of us are unbiased. I, however, am not... Thunderbolt all the way.
  11. SebastianX

    SebastianX Android Enthusiast

    iPhone 4 is more than half way into retirment Droid X is about the same TBolt or wait until this summer but the two comparison phones you used are on their way out.
  12. Diggit

    Diggit Newbie

    What phone do you have now, and how do you like it? If it serves you well, wait for something like the bionic or inc2. If you have some thing like the eris, droir1, or cliq you will want to upgrade as soon as possible. In that case, the TBolt is your best bet.
  13. Familyguy1

    Familyguy1 Android Enthusiast

    Eris going to a Tbolt, upgrade not till March 25th though :(. Im going to see about an early upgrade! 1 year contract too.
  14. HauntedHallows

    HauntedHallows Well-Known Member

    I will be the first one to tell you..Dont get a droid X. Moto blur is awful and its end of life date is 3/31/11
  15. 8-Bit-Soldier

    8-Bit-Soldier Android Enthusiast

    been an owner of one since the day it came out (7/15) and it's an awesome phone, blur can easily be hidden with a different launcher, but anyways I feel it's time to upgrade to bigger better things.
  16. halon

    halon hakuna matata

    For anyone that has never had an iPhone....it is BOOOORRRRIIIING.
  17. Eurosteve

    Eurosteve Android Enthusiast

    The ONLY argument I can see in favor of the Droid X is IF you believe that 4G pricing will be higher (eventually) than 3G pricing. If you don't want 4G speeds and higher cost, then a 4.3 inch 3G phone like the Droid X might be the answer.

    I don't want to pay more than $30 per month for data. I don't care about faster speeds. But Verizon says, at least for now, that there will be no price increase for 4G.
  18. chris2k5

    chris2k5 Android Enthusiast

    Obvious choice is Thunderbolt BUT...

    Droid X is rootable and you can load a different ROM on it to remove Moto Blur and the lag.
  19. DJ_10

    DJ_10 Well-Known Member

    Call verizon, tell them you want your upgrade pushed up so you can get the iphone. Then go and buy the TB :)
  20. woodstorm

    woodstorm Android Enthusiast

    On Feb. 12 you should be eligible. My date is March 19th. Called Verizon this morning. The rep said he is calling me on Feb. 19th so I can get the date pushed up. Hopefully we will know the deal with Verizon's launch by then.
  21. Pito2k6

    Pito2k6 Lurker

    Do yous think it's worth it to get the ThunderBolt if coming from Epic 4G ? I sold my Evo for the Epic because it sucked at multimedia,but now I feel the software on the epics sucks.Some say the TB is the same as the Evo tho.Plus im tired of Sprint's shitty service in my area.
  22. bmills1972

    bmills1972 Lurker

    My update date is March 17th. I'm going from an OG Droid to the Thunderbolt. Of course on a 1 year contract. :D
  23. JunBringer

    JunBringer Android Expert

    I love my Evo, but considering LTE is everywhere I go and Wimax is useless indoors I'm tempted to add a line on my parents Verizon plan and get a Thunderbolt.
  24. Eleer

    Eleer Member

    When you sign up for a 1 year contract, do you have to wait the full year or can you get an early upgrade (Like 10 months)? I got a Blackberry at the beginning of April 2010 and am wanting the Thunderbolt. I don't want to wait for the Bionic because even though it has a duel-core processor, I don't like the way the phone looks nor Moto-blur. I'm ready to go Thunderbolt.
  25. ChiTownJim

    ChiTownJim Android Expert

    No if you do a 1yr contract you are eligable for an upgrade in 10months

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