Android Question

Deat Team,
I have an HTC desire 2.2 android phone and want to upgrade ity to 4.1 android version. Can you please give me a step by step precedure to do that so i can get started.
Thank you
There is no official update to 4.x for the Desire - 2.3 what the highest, and that update was only made available as a ROM Update Utility, rather than distributed directly to phones. You can find that upgrade here: HTC Developer Center. It works on many GSM Desires. If you have a CDMA phone then 2.2 is the most recent official version.

So, if you want 4.x then you need to root and install a custom ROM. You'll find a lot of information about this here: http://androidforums.com/desire-all-things-root/503471-desire-all-things-root-guide.html. I'd suggest using Revolutionary to root - there is a guide to doing that linked in that post. The post also has a link to a thread at XDA-developers listing a large number of available custom ROMs. I'd also suggest reading the root memory FAQ, since this will be useful if you want to have more space for apps.

As for 4.1, there are such ROMs for the GSM model (there are many fewer CDMA ROMs, I'm afraid). None of these will have the HTC Sense interface, if you like that - they are all based on the Android Open Source Project (AOSP). I personally found that a good 2.3 ROM was faster on the Desire than a 4.1 one, but there are some that work if you want 4.1.

Good luck :)