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[Upgrade] Rom Mmx A752.3.6v 3.03 Full ICS UI by sagarwep

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by sagarwep, Aug 21, 2012.

  1. sagarwep

    sagarwep Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Mmx A75v2.3.6_v 3.1 by sagarwep (Green)

    - Full ICS green UI
    - ICS 4.0 Style Window Animations Added
    - Pre-rooted
    - No Error's in Root Permissions
    - Busybox installed
    - Graphics Performance BOOST
    - Transparent Status Bar
    - HTC Launcher as default launcher
    - Changed lock screen interface to ICS style
    - Added build.prop tweaks to improve sensitivity and video quality,
    - Battery Performance Tweaks Improvement 25% increase stand by time
    - Framework Moded for Scroll Bar Colour Changes
    - Added Supercharger script
    - Added RAM script for better multitasking
    - Forced Launcher into RAM memory
    - Enable hardware acceleration
    - GPU rendering enabled
    - Add extra menu in setting
    - Improved Network Signal And wifi Signal
    - New phone dialer with 3g support
    - Added third party aplication
    - Link2SD Application + ext2 Partition Support Added
    - After Installation approx 150 mb of internal space
    - Flesh player support (apk install by apk maneger folder):):):):):)
    - 3G support on both slot, can we change only mode go to setting> wireless&network setting>mobile networks>3G services>enable 3G> choose sim (not nessesary to change sim in slot):):):)

    -: Installation:-

    Well, here are the steps
    1. Download the zip from Download link
    2. Dump it to SD card
    3. Reboot to recovery
    4. Factory reset
    5. Wipe Dalvik Cache
    6. Install zip from SD card
    7. Fix permissions-This will take approximately 1 min
    8. Reboot

    FIX -
    2-FM (Credit to kumar abhishek)
    3-battery icon
    4-status bar icon
    5-New boot animation

    ScreenShots (Green) -


    Download Link:):):)

    sagarwepv2.3.6v 3.1.zip(green)

    ScreenShots (Blue) -


    Download Link:):):)

    sagarwepv2.3.6v 3.0.zip

    -1-DownloadPatch flashable zip for dialer with speaker option install by recovery

    Download Link --Dialer with speaker Phone

    -2-DownloadPatch flashable zip for CyanogenMod UI By Sagarwep install by recovery

    Download Link --CyanogenMod UI By Sagarwep

    Note - 1. This ROM has green color interference not blue (good looking in comparison to blue) so I will give the update for blue
    2. For camera issue in this Rom 8 MP shows but better used back camera 5MP and front camera 2MP blur shows in dark places but excellent performance in day light and screen clear resolution
    3. I have cheeked in high resolution phone like HTC (480x800 hdpi)screen is normal in dark places so these issue in Micromax a75 low resolution screen

  2. sagarwep

    sagarwep Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    --: UPDATE & TWEAKS :--

    1 -FIX CAMERA --

    Download -- Update for fix camera.zip

    Note - Back camera working fine and not grainy screen but front camera not proper display pic just 90 degree cw. I fix soon..

    2- Sagarwep_Update_3.03_Full ICS

    --Fix network Icon full ICS mode
    --Add some more colour in icon
    --full cyanogenmod UI in menu and icon

    Download -- Sagarwep_Update_3.03_Full ICS.zip

    3- FIX FM (NO requirement for attach headphone It's work hands-free)
    [Credit to Abhishek]

    Download -- FM FIX
  3. darbhadinesh

    darbhadinesh Android Enthusiast

    hoping for the ultimate rom
    wishing you best of luck

    your ics v2.0 is also ultimate rom but, camera is not good, every thing is good.
  4. darbhadinesh

    darbhadinesh Android Enthusiast

    I am also hoping for the int2sd support with internalmemory as 233 mb with swap support to increase ram.

    Is there any ram tweaks available?
  5. shahabazas

    shahabazas ~*~ Android Addict ~*~

    Hope it shouldn't have problem like camera n sd card issues.
  6. Amarghy

    Amarghy Android Enthusiast

    WOW!! Great work yaar!!

    Btw, yup...same here....hope the camera and sd card issues dont arise. Plus....any way to make the storage partition increase, that we do, pre-installed in your ROM from the start without making any harrassing adjusments later on.
    btw great Job yaar.....consistently good ROMs!!

    And i also see the "extra settings" tab!! yay :D

    btw the features list is similar to your earlier ROMs except the android version of 2.3.6 :p

    Hope you will provide a "wow' feature list later on,i.e, of every minute feature in this rom ;)

    P.S I am back ;)
  7. satyajit2412

    satyajit2412 Well-Known Member

    I hope the Camera Issue will be solved in this version, eagerly waiting for release.
  8. shahabazas

    shahabazas ~*~ Android Addict ~*~

    Wow amarghy good to see ur comment buddy.

    Sagar when can we expect this ROM???
  9. sagarwep

    sagarwep Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Link Updated For ROM on OP:):):):):):):):):):):):):):)
  10. drdogautam

    drdogautam Android Enthusiast

    I have installed your ROM.... but it stucks on Superfone Logo.... means not boot in...... I tried two times by removing battery and try to restart the phone but it stops at superfone logo only.... even no boot animation starts... :thinking::thinking:

    reply immediately.... what to do?????
  11. drdogautam

    drdogautam Android Enthusiast

    waiting for reply....:(:(:(:(:(:(:( :thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking:

    I think this ROM upgrade2.3.6 is not suitable for A75....... reply me...otherwise I am going to install ICS V2.0 again....:rolleyes: :rolleyes::rolleyes::thinking::thinking:
  12. sagarwep

    sagarwep Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    if after boot logo plane screen wait 5 to 8 min
    other wise
    again wipe/factory reset and wipe cach partition and wipe dalvik cache and install again after install switch off phone and remove battery and start again

    hope ur problem solve ...
    drdogautam likes this.
  13. satecsh

    satecsh Member

    installed the rom without any glitch....rom is working without any glitch... nice dialler and messaging app... works very smooth....will test it further and let u know... if i can make a request now, please reduce make the network icons just the way they were in ics2.1... and thanks a lot for the great ROM... appreciate the fact that you didnt keep us waiting...well done bro...
  14. satecsh

    satecsh Member

    btw... battery icon is unlike how it is shown in the screenshot.... it's round... nice nevertheless
  15. sagarwep

    sagarwep Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    I will give update for blue theme..
    satecsh likes this.
  16. satecsh

    satecsh Member

    Checked out the camera performance...yes its still grainy, but in natural light, picture quality is much better than what you get from original micromax a75 camera... thanks for that.. FM Radio is missing please look into it...lock screen is the best i have ever seen in any of the roms... beautiful n smooth...holo launcher is not there... feels as if you are handling a HTC phone....great job bro
  17. maccafan

    maccafan Member

    Brilliant ROM..Very responsive and works great..

    Lovely for my purpose because 3UK Skype works with this ROM and it didn't on a couple of other ICS ROM's..

    I had switched away from the previous Sagarwep release because battery life was very poor..Hope this one is better..

    Excellent and thanks very much or as we colloquially say, Thanks muchly..:)
  18. bara3239

    bara3239 Newbie

    Does Skype video chat/ Gtalk video chat works in this ROM ?
  19. maccafan

    maccafan Member

    Skype video does not work with ARMV6 processors as far as I know..

    Gtalk video is a bit hit and miss depending on who you talk to..I never got it to work unless some kind soul can link me to a working apk..
  20. drdogautam

    drdogautam Android Enthusiast

    :):) yeap.. i again installed the ROM and now everything is going smooth... thanks sagar for quick response... i like the rom.... but visibility of green color text are poor...so make text color bright.... rest things are very good.... large internal space 159MB available.... Nice ROM...:):)
  21. ansarimm

    ansarimm Member

    how to isntall the rom... plz help...
  22. satyajit2412

    satyajit2412 Well-Known Member

    Just installed the ROM, till now my observations are

    1) UI is nice,
    2) Got 141MB free internal memory
    3) Nice dialer n message app.
    4) Got HTC launcher as a default launcher, not the HOLO launcher as shown the screen shot
    5) Battery icon is round
    6) Flash Player is supported
    sudiptaid likes this.
  23. satyajit2412

    satyajit2412 Well-Known Member

    @ ansarimm

    Download ROM Packages, and Copy them to the ROOT of your SDCards. That is, to the very ROOT! Where files like Android, data, DCIM are located.
    1) Power Down the device, and then boot into Recovery by pressing Power Key + Volume UP Key....
    2) Clean, the Dalvik, Cache, User Data and perform a Power Off from the Recovery.
    3) Again boot to Recovery and select "Install update from SD card".
    4) In the next screen just scroll down to the YES option. NOTE: There will be many NO options, but only one YES option.
    5) Wait for the flasher to complete and then display "Install Complete/Update Complete"

    And after all these perform a REBOOT!
  24. satyajit2412

    satyajit2412 Well-Known Member

    Just found that all applications are showing incompatible when I open Google Play in Computer. Its showing
    This app is incompatible with your TATA DOCOMO Unknown A75.
  25. Vijayan

    Vijayan Member

    sir, great piece of master work that u have shown in releasing yet another one. just had it downloaded & got it working in my phone. sir just some small queries ? how do you have the normal gprs or edge network connection get to work. And also the FM radio working. Thanxs again for providing us with a excellent rom.....

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