Help upgrade, syncing, and "too many contacts deletes"


I upgraded last night to 2.1 and while I'm annoyed at the superficial loss of settings, what is really annoying me is the automatic sync to google. I don't need my phone to sync my contacts, in fact I'd prefer that it did not.

So, in Settings - Accounts & sync, I unchecked Auto-sync. But I am getting that annoying message in the notification bar all the time that says "Too many Contacts deletes"

Please please can someone help me get rid of this? It's a minor thing but is starting to get really obnoxious.

Thank you!!


I have same issue. I'll look into upgrading sync & settings you mention but I've been mystified about solving this error message. I've assumed that as long as it's there, syncing isn't being done & that's annoying.
I have a lot of contacts that I didn't put there. I'd like to stop that & be in charge of "My contact" as it does not feel like I am in charge now.
RAZR is my phone.