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Upgraded to 2.2.1 but would like to root

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Gereima, Feb 10, 2011.

  1. Gereima

    Gereima Lurker
    Thread Starter

    When I was trying to root my phone I ended up just updating it. I don't mind stock but I loved when my phone was rooted now heres my question, How do I go about rooting the phone? Do I try to use the guide again? I got to the part of install the .inf driver but couldnt get the driver to install (window 7 ultimate 64-bit).

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  2. DevinSean

    DevinSean Newbie

  3. socobandit

    socobandit Well-Known Member

    follow the second guide...takes you back to v6, guides you through the updates, and tells you when to flash their update. As far as the driver, someone else on here had the same issue with windows 7....the guide was written for xp i believe. someone on here provided the right driver. you'll have to follow the guide TO THE LETTER, and have some computer knowledge, but it takes less than 1.5-2 hours, after you have all the programs installed. At step 27, as soon as the lg screen comes up, start hitting the home button on the keyboard. you might not get it the first time, but eventually you will. i put mine on a table, held all 3, and as soon as lg popped up, i just kept hitting the home button. Just make sure you have the keyboard out and hit that home button.
  4. McLovlein13

    McLovlein13 Android Enthusiast

    for the driver go on to the ally IRC:
    freenode Web IRC (qwebirc)
    look on the top once you sign in and the chat is open, the driver should be on the top, i used the same guide and driver with windows 7 and 64 bit
  5. swc2001

    swc2001 Android Expert

    Well heres the easier way.


    Also check this site out by the Unlocker... He has put a video up on how to do it.
    How To: Root Your Android Phone (SuperOneClick Method) | TheUnlockr
  6. AllyRootNoob

    AllyRootNoob Lurker

    swc, i read over the "Oneclick root for Ally2.2.1 Froyo is available" thread and posted to it because it seemed to backtrack on saying OCR 1.6.5 was working properly. Any thoughts on that? should I wait?

    DevinSean, are those the ONLY known ways to root that work correctly? As my login name suggests, I am new to this and would prefer a one-click convenience, if possible.

    I would like to switch to Velocity v0.3 or Punisher, but need to get to root before that happens.
  7. KingOfGreen

    KingOfGreen Android Expert

    Obviously you dont know how to do all that, but id say to give it a try and take the opportubnity to learn from it. Itll only get easier from here. You CAN use SOC however you wont have fastboot (as everyone says). And there is some issue with the exploit SOC uses to gain root (something i dont understand. I just trust that its not good for your phone.

    So if nothing ever went wrong youd never know the difference. But if it did and you couldnt fix it in recovery and you needed fastboot and ADB to fix it. You would really be lost wouldnt you? There are ALWAYS people looking for the easiest way to root, why not do it the hard way, learn something so if things go wrong you will have alot more in your set of tools to fix things.

    And i get it, you look at the root guide trident posted and it looks intimidating but if yuo foollow directions its the safest and most reliable way to get it all done. And youve got all the help you need here and on the ally IRC

    Before november i didnt know what root was. but i rooted with 2.1 via adb and 2.2 through the big scary guide all of you are so scared of. Im just sayin better safe than sorry and i would much rather learn something then be screwed later and not know my way out. not that im sooooo good with all this. But if that time comes itll be easier to take the advice from those helping me because ill already know how to use those tools.

    Whoa, lotta talking!
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  8. Scrillex

    Scrillex Member

    if you are on FroYo (Android2.2.1) YOU DO NO WANT THOSE ROMS. they will cause bootloop or worse. do not flash 2.1 roms on 2.2. There are only a couple of 2.2 roms right now. Velocity 1.0, Savoxis's Rom, and Byron. READ please
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  9. AllyRootNoob

    AllyRootNoob Lurker

    Whew! good catch Scrillex, I'm glad I threw in my intentions as an afterthought. One quick question though; does it matter what version of Android you're running when I (for example) would be flashing a ROM over it? Or does it not work like that? I can understand version mattering when rooting, but I understood flashing ROMs as a clean wipe and install of a new OS

    KingOfGreen, thanks for the confidence boost! I also learn better by doing, rather than reading, but am a little intimidated in this case because I dont have a backup phone, and this is completely new to me! I do think I will dedicate a few hours to jumping in it...AFTER i figure out the right ROM & other details

    Yes, i was OTA-ed to 2.2.1 and it has been verrrry frustratingly slow since the update.
    Would downgrading to V6 using [GUIDE] FroYo 2.2.1 for Root Users! then switching ROMs be a better way to proceed?

    Thanks for the responses
  10. KingOfGreen

    KingOfGreen Android Expert

    If you have 2.1 your ROM must me for 2.1 and if you have 2.2 the same thing goes, must be for 2.2. I mean you could downgrade to 2.1 like in the guide but why downgrade? 2.2 runs much much faster. I would suggest just doing the guide trident posted, take your time and have the ally irc channel open so if anything doesnt go as expected they can help you. By the end of it you will be a whole lot more comfortable with your phone and everything you will do to it in the future.
  11. AllyRootNoob

    AllyRootNoob Lurker

    in the other (related) thread i've also been posting on, swc2001 says he used Super One Click 1.6.3 found at xda-developers with no problems.

    However, I think I'm going to take King of Green's advice and do it the long way (as posted by Trident) as a learning experience. I will most likely do that tonight & will use these forums for help as needed.

    btw, King oG, Froyo has most definitely NOT run faster in my experience. It updated to 2.2.1 OTA and ever since has been ridiculously sluggish - enough to make me want to give up on android all together if rooting was not an option. Seriously. Curiously, I haven't heard of many with similar experiences as mine - Anyone think that may indicate a larger problem on my end?
  12. KingOfGreen

    KingOfGreen Android Expert

    I doubt that could be from the update. I had some isses using tridents guide so i had to go completely stock, had my phone like this for a few days til i figured it out and it ran just as smooth and fast on stock 2.2 as it did on velocity .3 and .4 btw the problem i had was an obvious screw up on my part. When the lg mobile updater was outting ZV6 on my phone i disconnected it from the pc before it finished. Not anything that could not have been avoided.
  13. AllyRootNoob

    AllyRootNoob Lurker

    I hope this isn't getting too off topic;

    Aside from unsuccessfully attempting to root using Universal Androot & z4root, my phone is completely stock.

    In fact, it is because of the sluggish performance after I legitimately upgraded to 2.2.1 over the air that has encouraged me to delve into to the root-o-sphere!

    Since stating my intentions helped last time, I planned on using Velocity 1.0 after I gain root access using "[GUIDE] FroYo 2.2.1 for Root Users!" as posted by Trident. Sound solid everyone?

    Suggestions welcomed
  14. McLovlein13

    McLovlein13 Android Enthusiast

    if you already have FroYo dont use the whole the guide, just root it, flash recovery, make a backup, flash velocity 1.0.
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  15. AllyRootNoob

    AllyRootNoob Lurker

    Soooo, according to the guide Trident posted, should I start at Step # 29?

    I really hope that is the case bc I was stuck @ step 17.
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  16. yohobojo

    yohobojo Android Enthusiast

    Use SOC root if you want ez root. Its on the unlocker website.
  17. McLovlein13

    McLovlein13 Android Enthusiast

    and if a root app doesnt work yes start at 29, but make sure everything is installed on your computer and your somewhat familiar with fastboot and command prompt
  18. AllyRootNoob

    AllyRootNoob Lurker

    Yay! rooted and running Velocity 1.0!

    thanks to all who helped!

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