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I am new to android and have a question. Why does everyone seem to wait for their device manufacture to come out with the latest release? Why can you just upgrade when the latest version of Android gets released? (like windows, linux, etc?)

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A lot of people do root their phones and install a custom ROM with the latest software from AOSP (Android Open Source Project). There are great Devs that are always faster at keeping phones updated than the manufacturers, plus they do actually make improvements like with the Cyanogen ROM.

The problem with a lot of phones is that the manufacturers and carriers usually want to add a bunch of crap to supposedly "add value" when in reality they are just screwing up pure Android. Once a software update is released by google those manufacturers screw it up before they release it and if you don't want to root your phone you are just at the mercy of manufacturers and carriers as to when or if you ever get an update.


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I was looking at buying a Tab, not a phone, but I'm assuming there are much the same when it comes to updates. Are there any big gotchas with rooting the device? (sorry for all the noobe questions!)