Root Upgrading to 4.4.2 but stuck on Odin

Hi all,

I'm using Odin v3.09 to upgrade my Note 10.1 2014 version to Android 4.4.2. Currently it's running 4.3.

I followed the instructions on various websites (all the same), downloaded the 4.4.2 software.

The instructions all say the software download to the tablet should take "a few" minutes. How many minutes is "a few"?

I have been waiting for about 25 minutes now and nothing is happening. On the tablet it says "Downloading.... Do not turn off target". On the Odin screen the latest message is "NAND Write Start", it's been showing this for 25 minutes now.

How much longer should I wait?


scary alien

not really so scary
Hey michaelqian, I've moved your thread over to the Note 10.1 all-things-root area for you.

I know your question isn't specifically root-related, but we'll often find that the root folks know most about things like using Odin, flashing updates, etc., so hopefully you'll get some helpful replies.

Best of luck!