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Upgrading To Bionic Woes (Verizon)

Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by Telsiph, Sep 20, 2011.

  1. Telsiph

    Telsiph Lurker
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    Greetings all,

    Hoping someone has some more information here as it seems I'm getting stopped at every turn. I originally was trying to upgrade from my original DROID to the DROID BIONIC on verizon. I have a $30 new every 2 discount, was going to sign a 2 year contract, and thought I would be able to trade in my old phone for a $100 discount. AS many know, this is incorrect, as you have to be on a basic phone. I would lose my unlimited plan doing this, so it is not an option. This would cause the price of the phone to be $260

    Then I thought I would be able to order through amazon, going through the upgrade option I thought it was going to be $250 then a $50 amazon gift card. This is apparently also a mistake, as this is only offered to new lines and not to upgrading lines, making the price of the phone $250 through them plus having to sign 2 contracts.

    So now I'm stuck, I'm curious if anyone is aware of any better deals available out there for someone looking to upgrade to the bionic. My poor droid is struggling hard and is falling apart, and I I really wanted to be on the 4G while keeping my unlimited plan. Any hints, or details would be much appreciated.

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  2. Allthatnsome

    Allthatnsome Lurker

    I have the same drawbacks. It doesn't seem like any good deals for us.
  3. jellyhead

    jellyhead Newbie

    I upgraded from my old Droid to the bionic for $249 keeping my unlimited data plan. It's $49 more than the Droid 1 was and well worth it. Moto Blur runs extremely smooth on this phone. I think this is the best android phone yet.

    Already rooted and the wireless tether app works great. No need to pay for the service through Verizon
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