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Upload pictures from phone to PC

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by glymauto, Jun 4, 2010.

  1. glymauto

    glymauto Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Just got my HTC Desire. I've finally got HTC Sync working.

    How do I upload photos from my phone to my PC?

    I dont want to share them on the web. I just need to get them from my phone onto my PC (Windows Vista)

    I cant believe I cant figure out how to upload a picture!!

  2. betty

    betty Newbie

    I just mount as USB HDD then open the X:\DCIM\100MEDIA folder.
  3. glymauto

    glymauto Lurker
    Thread Starter

    So you cant just click a button as you would with windows mobile?

    Seems a bit long winded just to upload a photo?
  4. lekky

    lekky Lover

    What web? The best way is to use a picasa account and upload them directly from your phone :p
  5. betty

    betty Newbie

    TBH i haven't even installed HTC sync so I have no idea what it can do, I did come across some software that looks like it could do what you want though - Android Sync Music and Videos Over Wifi (Motorola Droid) | linein designs
  6. Harry2

    Harry2 Extreme Android User

    EStrong File Explorer sends photos over wifi to shares on your pc.
  7. tef89

    tef89 Android Enthusiast

    +1 from me

    I use Estrong constantly to swop between shares on the PC and Desire.

    Great App.
  8. tanbe174

    tanbe174 Well-Known Member

    you don't need to have HTC sync installed to mount the phone to pc. Just use as a normal HDD
  9. KathPW

    KathPW Lurker

    I am completely with you on this one. If I want to use Windows photo uploader it shows every single image on my phone including icons/pictures from the web browsing history. And because Vista changed the uploader you can't select only the ones you want to upload.

    To mount it as a HDD is a right royal pain as you then have to copy & paste, create folders, rename the folders & the contents accordingly. And also remember which photos you've already uploaded, rather than being prompted to upload any since the last time.

    And I, like you, don't want to upload them onto Flickr! I want to put them into my pictures album on my pc.

    A stupid shortfall in the otherwise flawless interface and hampers the useability of such an amazing phone. I bet the iPhone 4 doesn't have this problem ;-)

    If you find a solution, let me know?
  10. paulcooper

    paulcooper Android Enthusiast

    htc sync seems to do the job easily enough!

    otherise just drag and drop the dcim folder to you existing folder, when prompted to overwtire existing say no, then click apply to all !!
  11. RobbM

    RobbM Newbie

    Or use photobucket to upload to web.
  12. arkazain

    arkazain Well-Known Member

    Dude, just plug the phone into the computer and copy them over :/
  13. sshadowbanee

    sshadowbanee Newbie

  14. KathPW

    KathPW Lurker

    *Dude*, that's what I'm saying I'm doing. But they then still need organising into folders with a date and title. And you still have to do them one by one. Or copy across all of them every single time you do this. Then what happens to the ones you've already organised as above? You've got a duplicate. Or you do them one by one.

    However if I have genuinely missed a way of copying them from my phone onto my pc and having them organised into named/dated folders as I could with my Nokia or Sony Ericsson then please explain this to me. I may have missed your point, I suspect you have actually missed mine.
  15. KathPW

    KathPW Lurker

    Bluetooth across one by one? And then they still need organising?

    I think both myself and the original poster are basically astounded that there is no easy way to upload photos from an amazing phone to our PCs when the interface & useability for every other function is so well thought out.

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