Help Uploading video using youtube email address ?


So Youtube says you can upload videos by emailing the to your unique emqail address. When I do that I am having an issue.

I click on the video and select "share" and select gmail to send the email. The video doesn't attach to my email though. It just opens a blank draft. Then when I select in that email to attach it wont let me attach videos.

Any idea ? Thanks in advance.

Mr. Ed

Extreme Android User
Are you trying to send a video you took that is in your gallery?. Are you using the gmail app or another app or the stock mail. If I open gallery and choose share it works fine. The video shows up as an attatchment just below the subject line. I did notice that there appears to be an issue with gmail that if you try and add a video from within gmail when you get to the gallery videos disappear. If you install astro you can choose astro after selecting attatch and navigate to the video just fine from within gmail.