Apr 27, 2016
I've installed instagram on bluestacks simulator to work easier when I don't have my mobile phone with me at office.
My pc is OptiPlex 9020 - i7 and I have installed the latest version of bluestacks.
the problem is that I see the instagram videos upside down. does anybody have experience with this?
should I change any setting?

Thank you in advance.
Hi, I also had such a problem, and it helped me only by reinstalling. Yes, it may sound corny, but it is. If reinstalling the application does not help you, you need to watch a video or guide to fixing it. Perhaps in the next update, Instagram developers will be able to fix this bug because many of my friends have this problem. If they go to insta, then they have everything upside down. This is complete nonsense, of course. Now I will deal with my insta account.
If you encounter incorrect operation of the mobile service, try one of the following actions: Update the Instagram to the latest version; check the correct operation of the operating system on the phone; Write to the program's support service via ""Settings"" — ""Help"" — ""Report a problem"" — ""Something is not working"" - ""Report a problem.""To make your Instagram profile more popular, you can use and other services. I think this will be relevant if you have lost part of the audience due to errors with video playback.
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