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Jan 26, 2012
I was trying to update to the newest version of MIUI, decided to do a clean install as I have been having some problems lately.
So wiped the phone in BMM recovery and installed the zip for MIUI and GAPPs, but then my BMM removed itself (it did tell me it was doing this, but following the instructions to get it to stay didn't work, and it didn't say why it was doing this).
So now I am stuck with stock recovery, I still have the zips for MIUI and GAPPs on the sd card, but no ROM installed. Without the ROM installed I can't boot to install custom recovery, and without custom recovery I can't install the ROM, so I am kind of stuck here.

Is there a way to install either a custom ROM or recovery from the stock recovery? It doesn't have to be BMM, I originally had that as I was trying different ROMs, but I have decided to stick with MIUI now.

I have tried to install a stock rom from another country that some other people have had luck with, but it wouldn't verify signature. I am downloading one from this country, however it is GB, and with my phone having been orignally updated to ICS and having KBX kernel on it i'm not sure how safe it will be to flash that.

Thanks in advance for any help.