Help Urgent help!


Hey guys,
So this is the deal...i have a Magic - mt3g with a 4gb sd card.
This problem started around 2 weeks.The problem is,when i put on a new ROM (mostly 2.2) [previously wipe/reset and format the SD card - swap 32/ext2 512/fat32 the rest] the phone/rom works nicely,speedy,smooth etc.But right after when i install some apps (a few hours later) it starts lagging really badly,i mean horribly badly! No matter what type of rom i put on.

But when i go to recovery and do either of apps2sd or rapair ext ,it works nicely again (i do lose all the apps though >_> )

So what's the prob? is the sd card? im losing my mind here

p.s. the sd card r/w speed has dropped to like less then 1MB/s...a lot less!

plz help


Android Expert
Do you really need apps2sd? I've never had a need for it since I always have enough space internally. At least wait until you come close to running out before moving to SD, there isn't any advantage and for you it is a problem.