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Urgent Help !

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by hadoman, Sep 17, 2011.

  1. hadoman

    hadoman Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Hey everyone ! ;D

    Now as you can tell this is my first post here, and this may be a well dumb stupid post, but I was wondering if someone can help me out. Now on my Android phone (HTC ChaCha) I have deleted a few apps, either deleting them from the market store or deleting them from going into Settings > Applications > Mange Applications > Then going and deleting the app I want.

    Now the problem that I have is once I have deleted the application completely from my phone, the app icon stays in the menu and won't go away. Not on the home page, on the icon where you can see all the apps that you have on your phone. But when I got to settings to see the applications they aren't there anymore because the app is gone from my phone, but in the menu (which showcases all the apps's you have on your phone) the icon still appears. The same thing happens when I go into the market store, I have the option to install and download the app again because I don't have the app on my phone anymore, though in the menu it still shows the icon.

    I have also tried downloading the app again from the store, thinking that it might like delete the icon alltogether when I go and delete the app, but instead two icons of the same app appear on my menu.

    So long story short, when I delete an app the app goes from my phone but the icon still appears on the interface which shows all the applications you have on your phone.

    Hopefully someone can help me please, I have been looking around everywhere and I can't seem to find the answer.

    Thanks for taking the time to read - Hadoman (Matty)


  2. wayrad

    wayrad Android Expert

    It's definitely not normal for app icons to remain in the app drawer after an app has been deleted (I think that's what you mean?). Have you tried powering down the phone and then booting it again?

    I suggest also checking the specific subforum for your phone model to see if this is a known issue or if anyone there can offer any better suggestions. If rebooting doesn't help, I suspect a factory reset may be the next step.
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  3. hadoman

    hadoman Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I knew something was up with this phone, I mean it started doing this like four days ago and didn't think much of it until I actually saw all icons in the app drawer.

    Yeah, I have turned my phone off and back on and it didn't fix the problem sadly, and this forum currently doesn't have a subfourm for HTC ChaCha, it is kind of a new phone which may be the reason why.

    Though, thanks for your help. I guess I will have to reboot the phone altogether. Does anyone else have any suggestions ! ?
  4. Are you sure you didn't just turn the screen off and on?

    Yes, that is what wayrad recommended in the first place...

    So the question is what you really did when you "turned my phone off and back on". Did your phone go through all the startup phases with the fireworks and the password unlock screen? Or did the screen go blank and you just entered the password on the unlock screen (no fireworks phase)?
  5. hadoman

    hadoman Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Well to answer your question, yes the fireworks appeared, along with "HTC Brilliant (or whatever it says)" as well as the company I am. I did shut off my phone completely. I just didn't lock it (or like make it go to sleep.)

    And yes I know that was his recommendation, I am just wondering if there is anyway around this bug.
  6. hadoman

    hadoman Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I dont usually like to double post but it randomly fixed itself. I was just on the facebook app on my phone exited the app and went to the home screen "loading" appeared took me to the app drawer and all the deleted apps icons are now gone.
  7. tcat007

    tcat007 Android Expert

    Many apps, or a particular app? Is the app .apk showing up in SD/system/app after deleted? You checked "downloaded" and "all" in applications/manage to make sure nothing is there? What happens when you long click the icon in drawer and delete it?
  8. hadoman

    hadoman Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Well even though it fixed itself I thought I should take the time to answer your question since you took the time to post. It was many apps, some were including some loader, Scrobble Driord and a few battery info apps.

    When I go there they aren't there anymore, but when I click on them in the app drawer, nothing happens because the app has been deleted but for some odd reason the icon/s stayed.

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