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This isn't actually a matter of life or death, but it involves death--the death of my helper's father last year. He left a Samsung tablet (sorry, I don't know its model or name right now) but no one knows his login credentials. I told her she may be SOL, but I'd check since I'm very much out of the loop.

Is there some way to do the equivalent of a factory reset without knowing its account credentials? It's here in my house, so I can do it for her. If knowing its model would be helpful, let me know.
No. Google has something called FRP (Factory Reset Protection) that serves to prevent theft of an Android device and resetting it for resale or personal use. The owner must log out of, and remove, their credentials from a device before resetting it - otherwise, that account is still the valid user account.

You might contact Google and declare the device abandoned to see if there is a remedy. Good luck
I guess this means she wants to use the tablet rather than recover data from it?

If it is really old, like Note 10.1 old (released before Android 5 - I think 5.1 might have been the actual cut-off) then it won't have factory reset protection. Otherwise you're into the weeds of "is there a FRP workaround for this particular device with this software version that hasn't been patched yet?" - and most likely the answer is "no".
Thanks for the input so far. I knew I could count on my AF family. :)

I'm waiting to find out what model it is. The only thing I know is that he was actively using it, so I don't think it or its OS are terribly old. He died [unexpectedly] last summer, but my helper just now got the tablet. And, yes, she wants to use it, not retrieve its data.
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