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Support URGENT - Please Help - Importing Contats !

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by g_gourlay, Apr 17, 2010.

  1. g_gourlay

    g_gourlay Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Apr 17, 2010
    Hi there,

    I'm new to the forum (and new to Android in general) and have just purchased an X10 ...

    I DESPERATELY need help with regard to importing contacts from a previous phone.

    NB. I would try importing all from SIM but there are too many to import so have copied ALL to memory card.

    When following the user guide, I can get to the point where I can import contacts from the memory card. However, from that point onwards, I can only import ONE contact at a time ! (NB. If was importing from SIM, at the same stage in the process, WOULD be able to "import all" :mad:)

    Is this just a glitch in the software or am I missing a trick ? If it's a glitch is there any downloadable APP which would tackle this ?



  2. blaze_dave

    blaze_dave Member

    Apr 5, 2010
    Graphic Designer
    Manchester, UK
    Can you not use Bluetooth to transfer all the contacts from the old phone to the new one?

    Can you not sync the old phone to the Sony Ericsson Sync online?
  3. tavaruanative

    tavaruanative Lurker

    Apr 18, 2010
    I have g mail contacts wich uploaded automatically when i signed on to google on my phone
  4. JPBrowne

    JPBrowne Member

    May 4, 2010
    I had the same problem and it's a real pain.
    The X10 will only sync with Sony Ericsson or Gmail. It doesn't seem to sync with outlook or a mail client.

    To import my contacts from my old phone I had to sync my old phone (nokia e65) with my mail client (Outlook in this case) then exported the contacts from outlook as a csv file. I then opened Gmail in a web browser and imported the contacts csv file. The phone can then sync your contacts with gmail.
    It's a bit convoluted but it only takes a couple of mins.
  5. Helenw

    Helenw Lurker

    May 4, 2010
    Have you tried the companion software you can download on the SE site? you just plug your old phone in and it asks you the model and then imports all the contacts from your old phone. Mine was a Nokia 6300 and I was amazed how well it worked.
  6. Deepak jain

    Deepak jain Lurker

    May 20, 2010
    1 just update your contact list with outlook (according to your old smart phone).
    2 Now use export utility of outlook. (A) select folder contact. (B)select export to a file (C) save it to known location
    3 Now go to G MAIL A/c. there is an option to import file u have created
    4 after g mail contact is done go to phone menu phone book/setting/synchronise data/synchronise with g mail
    i hope u done the thing i have done by this method.
    for any problem cotact x 10 phone support
  7. peterhtc

    peterhtc Lurker

    May 26, 2010
    I have seen hundreds of blogs that suggest I need to "upload my contacts to Google" if I want to add them my your phone, and I cant really believe it. This is not open source at all. There MUST be a simple 'import contacts from csv' app somewhere...?
    You have to be a little crazy to publish your contacts.
    Call me old fashioned.... and maybe I am paranoid about my privacy and security but I can't believe that millions of people are simply uploading all their contacts thousands of miles away up to an internet hosting service to transfer them to a phone they hold in their hand. (lets pretend I am a politician or policeman or doctor with lots of sensitive names and addresses!!!).
    This is IT gone wrong.
    Call me old fashioned again but I thought Android was meant to be 'semi-open source'. If so why is everything pointing towards Google?
    .... and call me old fashioned yet again but why can't I simply import/export a csv of my contacts? The first phones did this 10 years ago!!
    ..... Why Outlook? I don't have a copy. I use the Mac and Linux. This means I am still stuck with Microsoft windows.

    Thank you,
  8. Riesling

    Riesling Lurker

    May 25, 2010
    Your absolutely right Peter.
    To me it feels like Android has been developed for carefree schoolkids only.
    Why these phones did not come with software so we can sync from our computer to our phone without saving private information onto a server is a mystery.
    And a huge mishap if you ask me.

    To put my contacts on my phone I synced from Address Book to a separately created Gmail account, created especially for this. After I had those contacts on my phone I deleted that account. This is relatively quickly done. And If I need to add anything to my phone I'll do it by hand. Luckily I have no names that need to be kept private.

    I am still very much getting used to my new phone.
  9. Cobratone

    Cobratone Lurker

    May 13, 2010
    On my xperia, I simply sent all my contacts in one go direct from my SE905 via bluetooth, very quick and simple :)
  10. gameboy

    gameboy Lurker

    Jun 1, 2010
    If you want to sync the contact with Outlook i would suggest Company Link software it works fine check the link http://www.companionlink.com/
  11. kenthandsfree

    kenthandsfree Member

    Jun 13, 2010
    Hi All,
    Newbie to Android & SE X10 (been a Nokia user for years).
    I had the same issue, didn't want all my contacts out there and just wanted to send them over.
    On my old handset (N97) I copied all contacts to the SD card (the N97 doesn't have the option to send from contacts) , then options, mark all, options send via bluetooth (obviously I pared the devices first).
    The only downside was that I had to accept each one on the X10 but it only took 10 minutes for 369 contacts and I retained all the contact pictures, e-mail addresses etc.
    Hope it helps
  12. hd3017

    hd3017 Lurker

    Jul 15, 2010
    Great words, Peter. I just wish that SE can hear those words. But SE is not listening to us neither root or import contacts... Somehow We are barking on the wrong ears....
  13. nematode

    nematode Lurker

    Jun 17, 2011
    I know this is a super old thread, but I landed here looking for solutions after finding that SE PC Companion *required* me to have Outlook installed to Sync my contacts. Anyways, beyond the ridiculousness of that, and also not wanting to upload my complete contact list to the 'cloud' I found another solution that worked fine.

    I happened to have all my contacts in a single CSV file.
    1. Converted my CSV to vCard format. Went to this site: homepage.mac.com/phrogz/CSV2vCard_v2.html but I'm sure there are others.
    2. Copied the vCard to the phone's SD card in the /sdcard/system/PIM folder
    3. On the phone open Contacts -> More -> Import Contacts -> Memory Card -> Phone contact -> Import vCard file
    4. Voila!

    Hope this helps someone...
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  14. beezwax

    beezwax Lurker

    Jul 13, 2011
    i just copied my contacts from my C905 to my xperia arc. i thought it was going to be a real pain but it was actually alright!

    i tried using the 'send all contacts' feature in the C905 contacts advanced options menu, but it failed several times.

    i didn't want to sync with google as i didn't want all my contacts on the new phone, just the ones i might use.....

    so, basically i just used 'back up to memory card' on the C905 and then copied the PB_backup.vcf file from the memory stick on to my macbook desktop using a memory card reader.

    i then sent this file to the xperia arc using bluetooth and used the 'import contacts from memory card' feature on the xperia arc.
    it's actually pretty smart, i didn't know where the file was on the memory card but it didn't matter because it just searched the whole memory card by default.....

    the old phone takes a memory stick M2 and the new one takes SD micro otherwise i would have tried just transferring the memory card like i did when moving between sony phones before....

    i also recently synced to my macbook & iphone which was not exactly obvious.
    if anyone is interested then this is how i did that:-

    1. cleared my macbook address book
    2. used iSync to sync the contacts from the C905
    (add device & sync device was pretty much self explanatory)
    3. made sure the iphone contacts book was empty
    4. selected 'sync address book contacts' in itunes and performed a sync

    seemed to work fine. needed to change the iphone settings to sort by first name rather than last name (and also turn on and off for that to take effect)

    also, some of the contacts i deleted from the iphone were then deleted from my macbook during the sync so i decided to repeat the whole process.
    i deleted all contacts in the iphone & macbook, then used isync again with the C905 and did an iphone/macbook sync using itunes. after this everything was perfect :)

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