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Hi everyone, I'm new on this forum, and am begging for your help as soon as possible! Following a tutorial, I deleted the boot and system of my LG P500H in fastboot. Thus, I am no more able to turn it on by any means, and not more able to access recovery or any tools to restore it. Please, I need help !!

*Sorry, I figured a little late I was in the wrong section, can anyone transfer this post so I can get help real fast?


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Not sure if this helps but it sounds like the situation you may be in:

I would GUESS the firmware packages listed there may be outdated by now since that post is a year old now but I'm not sure. In any event, the procedure is quite well written so worse case, maybe you have to locate a newer package if those don't work? Sorry, I'm not an LG guy.

I'll move it to the Optimus One root forum also.


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Yes, I have all correct drivers installed. I tried both methods, and the only thing I get from my phone is the LG boot logo screen, followed by a white and pink dashed window.. Also, I was able to access Emergency Mode by luck, but when I retrieved the battery to reboot it, I wasn't able to access it anymore..


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Hello Andro!

I have an LG and actually ran into a very similar issue. We were testing a recovery, and I put the rom I was going to test for our dev on my external sd card. Little did we know the recovery only read the internal memory. And we didnt figure that out until I had wiped literally everything. I didnt make a back up of my system due to the recovery rebooting at 2 minutes so I was trying to beat the 2 minutes before it rebooted to flash the rom.

Long story short, I had nothing. I had recovery and a blank screen. Unfortunately my PC also would not recognize my phone. I tried 3 different computers 2 running windows and one running Ubuntu. None of them would see the phone in fastboot with adb. We tried for about 6 hours. And nadda... I ended up buying a new phone the next day.

But 2 days later LG put an update out for the phone. So I thought for just giggles I'd plug my phone in. For some reason the LG update tool saw my phone and i didnt even have the phone turned on. I just plugged it in off. The update/LG update tool saved the phone (I was actually mad because I went and bought a new one :D)

So having a very similar experience to yours, the only solution to fixing it was the LG update tool. So I suggest if you havent download the LG update tool from their site and just hope your phone has had an update that you dont already have and hope the tool sees your phone. And I say an update you dont already have because the LG update tool actually uses your ESN to determine if you have the current, and if its in their server that your phone has had the current update it will not let you reupdate.

Hope this helps and trust me I know the exact feeling you have right now as I wen thru it too. Wish I could be of more help, but unfortunately after 6 hours and 4 people (2 of them being developers) that was the only way I could fix the phone. Best of luck and fingers crossed for you!


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Actually that ***** update tool is the reason behind my phone being broken, and it can't detect my P500H..

# Am actually trying to re install drivers and Pc sync suite, if not working will try to force recognition through modding..


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I think the issue can easily be resolved , if it behaves the same way it usually on similar android devices ...

If you are not comfortable with this you can use the above method mentioned by shiny !! :D

When you try to start ur device *Now* In FASTBOOT mode ...
[[ Now i am not aware of the key combination you need to start your specific device
but In some devices,
when the device is powered off possibly reinsert the battery
, just boot into Fastboot mode ...
Usually it is like,
Power off ur device, (reinsert battery 2-3 times)
then HOLD the camera key ( Or particular key for ur device)
then ,
Connect the USB cable
then issue,
fastboot devices

It should show up ur device !!
Hope you have the Fastboot setup done....


download this zip :

*Extract it* with anything !! :p
You will see a recovery.img inside the folder !!

fastboot flash recovery path/to/your/recovery.img

fastboot reboot

reinsert the battery and hold on the Button combination of recovery boot for ur device ...


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My phone is actually in Emergency Mode, but isn't recognized by the computer. I'm going to try a few modding tricks to force recognition, but in the case of failure, does anyone have a 100% SUCCESSFULL way to make your phone recognized? If not, all other help is welcome, please help a fellow Android fan out!