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Root [US Celluar] How to zero out MEID and repair MEID

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by dr.faramroze, Oct 27, 2013.

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    Jun 12, 2011

    Jun 12, 2011
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    Mod Note: By following these instructions, you are confirming that:

    1) You legally own the Evo device being flashed and the donor device.
    2) Both devices have clean MEIDs (meaning the service provider has not cancelled service to the phone for any other reason than customer request).
    3) You will transfer the sticker from one device to the other to ensure that the Evo has the correct MEID. A heat gun or hair dryer will make this easy.
    4) You will not sell your donor phone.

    Doing anything other than the four criteria above is illegal and any discussion about it will be removed.

    1. Download DFS demo free version and connect the phone in airplane mode and attach the device to the corresponding COM port
    2. Enter the correct SPC/MSL default 000000.
    3. Enter 2010031619780721 in the password field.
    4. Close DFS but don not disconnect the phone.
    5. Open QPST and add the same COMPORT you used before.
    6. Click EFS explorer ->NVM->NUM Copy items 0 and 1943 and save it to your desktop
    7. Download HXD or any Hex editor, open HXD and open item 0, make all digits to 0
    8. Open item 1943 and make all digits 0
    9. Close QPST completely but do not disconnect the handset
    10. Download QXDM latest version and goto communications option and select the connected com port.
    11. Open command prompt window and type the following.
    12. "password 2010031619780721' and enter
    13. spc 000000 and enter
    14. RequestNVItemWrite meid 0x00123456789012345 (replace these numbers with your actual meid, you can write 99000xxxx, A00000xx, A100001xx series or any meid series)
    15. Reboot now
    16. Dial *#06# and check the MEID
    NOTE:- When you repair meid, it is a good practice to retain your MDN and MSID/MIN which will instantly put your phone working.

    This method also works on other CDMA S4. Only change the 16 digit password corresponding to the model number.


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