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Root [US Cellular] Galaxy Note 2 Toolkit

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Scur, Feb 22, 2013.

  1. Scur

    Scur Well-Known Member
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    May 1, 2011
    I just got my US Cellular Note 2, so the first thing I wanted to do was to root and freeze bloatware, install my favorite apps, etc. A cursory glance through here didn't bring up the root method I used, the Galaxy Note 2 Toolkit so I'm putting up the link.

    Mskip's Galazy Note 2 Toolkit on XDA

    He lists the ToolKit functions thusly...


    * Install drivers automatically
    * Backup/Restore a single package or all apps, user data and Internal Storage
    * Backup your /data/media (virtual SD Card) to your PC for a Full Safe backup of data
    * Root any public build (different options)
    * Root with Superuser (ChainsDD) or SuperSU (Chainfire) via CWM (works on ANY build)
    * Root+busybox+rename recovery restore files via Custom Recovery
    * Unroot (delete root files and busybox)
    * Many root/unroot options including adb, recovery and sideload via custom recovery
    * Perform a FULL NANDROID Backup of your system via adb and save in Custom Recovery format on your PC
    * Pull /data and /system folders, compress to a .tar file and save to your PC
    * Auto Update ToolKit to latest push version on startup (donator feature)
    * Backup/Restore your /efs partition
    * Dump selected Phone Partitions, compress to a .zip file with md5 and save to your PC
    * Install BusyBox binary on phone
    * Flash Stock Recovery
    * Flash CWM Recovery (thanks to Clockworkmod Team) or TWRP Recovery (thanks to Team Win)
    * Rename Recovery Restore files if present
    * Flash Insecure Boot Image for adb mode
    * Flash Stock Boot Image back to your phone
    * Create tar file to flash via Odin (from upto 10 image files) with 1-click process
    * Download, Extract and Flash Stock Rom (full DETAILED steps) ESSENTIAL FOR WARRANTY RETURNS
    * Rip cache.img to zip file in CWM format for editing and flashing (thanks to Adam Lange)
    * Install a single apk or multiple apk's to your phone (being worked on)
    * Push Files from your PC to your phone
    * Pull Files from your phone to your PC
    * Set Files Permissions on your phone
    * Dump selected LogCat buffers to your PC
    * Dump BugReport to your PC (if installed)
    * Help, Information Screen for various tasks
    * Mods Section to Modify your phone (being worked on)
    * Reboot Phone options in adb mode
    * Change background, text colour in ToolKit
    * Device Information screen which pulls info directly from device
    * Activate Donator features from within the ToolKit"


  2. johnhunter

    johnhunter New Member

    Oh Congratulations for getting Galaxy Note 2. I don’t have more idea about toolkit but there are many leather galaxy note 2 cases and screen protectors are available in the market with different style. So have it to protect your valuable phone.

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