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US Cellular phone, flashed to stock...now coming up as a CricKet phone...:|

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Sanzenbacher, May 6, 2012.

  1. Sanzenbacher

    Sanzenbacher Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Firstly, I should mention I am a US Cellular customer.

    I made a thread a few days back about flashing my phone to stock. I did so, but now instead of after the Huawei logo, simply a screen saying "android" appears (as opposed to the US Cellular), then when it turns on, it states everywhere it is a cricKet phone. Called US Cellular, they got the talk and text working, but the Data (3g) is not working at all.

    I have tried calling them, and their suggestions are idiotic, and things I made sure to do myself. Three different reps told me to make sure Data and Data Roaming were enabled, and of course they were. Then they told to me check if my WiFi was off, and of course it was. I then was told to take out the battery and wait 30 seconds, and try again. They even had the audacity to ask "Do you have data on your plan". NO GENIUS, I DONT! </sarcasm>

    Same. Damn. Thing.

    I'm pretty sure it has to be because of the cricKet thing. I've never been a customer of theirs and I got the phone through US Cellular.

    Should I Just keep calling them and telling them what's wrong. It's just annoying hearing someone talk down to you, and telling you to do things that you've already tried.

    Is there some way of flashing from a cricKet system to a US Cellular? In searching, I've seen tutorials doing the opposite...

    Or any thing else I could possibly do to remedy the situation.

    Any and all help appreciated! Thank you in advance! :ridinghorse:

    EDIT: Sorry, should have searched a bit first. I see there hasn't been a way of doing this as of yet without going to the actual store and having them flash it to US Cellular stock.

    Are they going to know if the phone is rooted or anything? Just in case, I deleted my downloads folders with all the apks, so I think I should be good. @_@

    Again, I apologize for not searching prior to posting. Had to do so afterwards. :s:

  2. micaarzur

    micaarzur Lurker

    This isn't really helpful to you, but... I've actually been searching everywhere for how to flash my U.S. Cellular ascend 2 to Cricket and I couldn't find anything. So whatever you did... Can you please link me to it? LOL Your mistake might be of use to me :p
  3. Sanzenbacher

    Sanzenbacher Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Yeah, I've heard from Cellular to CricKet is easy (as I figured out).

    Well, initially I removed a launcher or something, mistakening it for bloatware. Though, you won't need to do that.

    All you have to do is this:

    Flash your M865 Ascend II back to Stock - PlayfulDroidz Wiki

    Also, it mistakenly says the name of the file in the directions is "update.app", but it is actually "updata.app". I am not certain if the first one would work or not, so just leave as default.

    Should take only 10 minutes.
  4. jimmy513

    jimmy513 Member

    Only suggestion I have is call US cellular and get your APN settings. I work for a phone company an that is a big issue when people reset their phones.

    Go to settings, wireless network, mobile networks, an then access point names. See if anything is in there. If not, like I said, call n get ur apn settings
  5. PhtmK177er

    PhtmK177er Lurker

    Somebody has GOT to have the stock firmware for m865, US Cellular. I cannot find it ANYWHERE, and I don't feel like coming up with a sob story for the techs. Does anybody have any idea where it can be downloaded??

    I would very much appreciate any help!
    I currently have the cricket firmware, connected manualy to us cellular for talk/text, however, my outgoing text just stopped working today, for no reason.. :s::s:
    Data refuses to work as well..
    If these three problems can be solved without reflashing firmware, please explain how! (txt/data)

    Once again, any and all help is greatly appreciated!
  6. alphadrago12

    alphadrago12 Lurker

    this happened to me when i first got my huawei ascend 2 from us cellular i got tired of runnin out of internal storage so quickly. upon doin some research i saw that rooting would be the way to go. big epic fail. ended up gettin flashed to cricket took it in to us cellular after a couple days and thankfully they declared it doa. they didnt even check to see if it was rooted or took note that i had even downgraded to 2.3.3. Helps that i had just gotten it, but then i caught a lucky break. but in ur situation u might be out a phone. my stores tech said that they didnt have the software on hand to flash mine to stock and yes i did look all over the internet for stock us cellular software. everything came up sayin cricket. ive just figured that the best thing to do is get rid of any of the preloaded apps they had on it if possible, still need to get documents to go removed but as of yet havent figured out how to
  7. sarcus

    sarcus Lurker

    Not that I have any good news to add...but mabe just knowing your not alone:( I've had my m865 for about 2 weeks have tried a2tude (all three) and get no data!?!? cyn7 (both ) no wifi..... so I tried to go back to stock with the same results your having. Gona try us cellular this weekend and see what we see...its only a 50 mile ride one way! any advice about the wifi on cyn7??? love the rom but goto have my wifi
  8. siav5489

    siav5489 Lurker

    For those who aren't getting data have you guys checked your APN settings under mobile networks most likely if you flashed the APN might not be right and you can try looking at WWW.teamuscellular.com there forums are focused on us cellular modifications
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