Root us991 model. files seem to be gone everywhere.


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I hate to pester like this, but i was trying to get this model of phone rooted so i could maybe try running some different roms and keep it around as a stand by ready to go. And extended battery upgrades are cheap enough.

Anyways, previously with my v20 it felt like google itself, was hiding results to guides that worked. In this case, with the G4, i can find guides on XDA without issue. But none of the requisite files are there to even start the process. I get it's an old phone, but i guess part of me thought stuff like that, would be better archived since phones rarely change that drastically. Also doesn't help that a lot od them have model specific commands, and almost nothing for the model i have on hand (us991 unlocked).


DON'T PANIC!!!!!!!!!
you have to remember that the developers are just your everyday person. they do not do this at behest of some great global corporation. these are most likely kids or students. they have to pay for most of the file sharing sites that they use to offer their root files. they will only support them until they move onto something else.

you are right, it would be nice if there was some sort of archive for all this stuff......but alas that is not reality.

you can try pm'ing a dev over at xda. if they are still active they might have the files still.