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Usage Meter and Google Contacts Questions

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Slaymer, May 26, 2010.

  1. Slaymer

    Slaymer Lurker
    Thread Starter

    I just got my Desire the other night so my questions may be quite nub :p

    I used google contacts to sync my contacts from iphone to htc, I then saved them to SD then to Phone, but now is there a way to turn off the google contacts ? it keeps asking me which contact to update (Phone or Google) all the time. I just want to use my Phone contacts. And if I try to remove the gmail account it says I have to soft reset my phone :(

    Also is there a good app to track my Telstra data / phone usage ??

    Thanks for reading :)

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  2. Eugene's Mac

    Eugene's Mac Well-Known Member

    On question 2 I can offer a recommendation. "Stats" works very well to monitor 2G/3G, Wifi, Calls & sms usage.
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  3. Hardcore

    Hardcore Well-Known Member

    Lets see if i can give you a help on this contacts issue...

    Go to Persons/Contacts
    Press Menu
    then select/unselect the contacts you want to see.

    I hope i help you, my phone is in Portuguese, so......
  4. Slaymer

    Slaymer Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Thx Hardcore I have done that, the google contacts do not appear in my people app, but every time I go to edit or add a new contact it asks me to update google or phone contacts, I just wanted to make it stop asking me to update google contacts.
  5. jred7469

    jred7469 Well-Known Member

    Can i ask the reason for only wanting to use phone contacts?

    If all your contacts are google they are updated in gmail and on your phone and sync easily.

    Useful if you ever need to reset your desire as they just sync down to the phone again
  6. Slaymer

    Slaymer Lurker
    Thread Starter

    I have my own mail server and I don't use gmail, I just created an account to migrate my contacts from my iphone. You can always back up your contacts to SD Card too (if a reset was needed)

    Looks like I may have to factory reset my phone to take the gmail account off :(

    Thanks anyway for everyone's input
  7. lekky

    lekky Lover

    You HAVE too have a gmail account to use the phone, you can't take it off :p
  8. Balistyx

    Balistyx Newbie

    Slaymer, I had originally set up all my contacts as phone contacts as well, but I have since changed them all to google contacts. The reason is primarily that voice dialling doesn't appear to work with phone contacts, only google (no idea why though), and there's also the automatic syncronisation with the net.
    Regarding the metering, I was using 3G Watchdog, but I found over time it became innaccurate because there was no means of defining the unmetered tesltra sites (most of the bigpond stuff) in the app, so it showed higher usage than telstra was counting. Wasn't a big deal until I signed up for the free 3 month mobile foxtel subscription. A couple of hours of that and 3G Watchdog automatically killed my APN connection (using APN Droid) due to exceeding 99% of my quota, whereas my data usage in bigpond was minimal as Foxtel data is unmetered.
    Now I just check it out through the 'My' tab on bigpond and have set up a usage notice SMS which alerts you at 80% data usage and then again at 100%.
    I'm not sure whether "Stats" or any other apps allow you to designate unmetered URLs?

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