Dec 12, 2011
San Diego
So I've tried to get a longer micro USB cable to charge my phone but they don't seem to work, I've tried three now. If I use anything but the cable from Samsung my phone won't charge, it shows it has power from the other non-OEM cables but they won't charge the phone. My phone is the US AT&T version, non-rooted, using the Samsung travel charger; any thoughts?
I've got an international one and it charges normally using a blackberry cable and an HTC cable. Haven't tested with the travel charger yet
Mine charges (as AC) with a generic 6' USB cable plugged into the Samsung travel charger.

Does Settings|Battery not say "Charging (AC)" when the battery is <90%?
Have a bunch of different USB cables left over from using my HTC dinc -- and the S3 charges just fine with nearly als of them. In fact, the Dinc used to complain when I used a non-Verizon car charger with a USB jack; in contrast, the S3 doesn't complain at all.

That said, I have found one USB cable that will not charge the S3 -- it one with a retractable cable.