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USB connection failure

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Limond, Apr 22, 2012.

  1. Limond

    Limond Lurker
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    Before the GB update came out my phone would connect to either of my PCs about 70% of the time, this performance steadily degraded till it almost would never connect, although the phone still will charge. It was often pretty hit or miss when I wanted to transfer stuff over and what not.

    Since the GB update whenever I try to USB connect for mass storage. If my computer recognizes the phone at all, the connection will only stay for a minute or two before it automatically disconnects and sends be back to the green android alien screen prompting me to connect again.

    I have updated drivers on both computers, tried different cables. Factory condition rests and more. Nothing seems to work.

    Has anyone experience such problems, or know of any fixes?

    Note it took about an hour of messing with it just to get the GB update to work, so it is not a problem strictly with GB.

  2. th3ju99anaut

    th3ju99anaut Newbie

    Yeah I have that exact same issue...phone charges (thank god) but won't sync...I'd like to think that it's because of the GB update because the original one that released screwed my phone up...so I revert back to stock and rooted and flashed CM7...now it doesn't sync....I've tried plenty of forums like that and nobody can help me...I'm wondering if it's an actual physical issue? If yours is still stock take it back and make them fix or replace it...back it up first....you can find wireless sync apps on the market to synch and back up your phone since you can't with wired...Let me know if you figure it out...I'd like to know myself.

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