USB Device Not Recognized

Ok, so here's what happened, first off I have a Samsung Galaxy S2 LTE on Rogers network, running 4.0.4, my phone died on me one night, so instead of plugging it into the wall charger, I plugged it into the usb on my pc, the phone turned on and went into ODIN mode, I rebooted it, and everything was fine, but now when I plug it into the usb on my pc, its shows up as unknown device, I have tried, three different computers, uninstalled kies, and have also reformatted my phone, all to no avail, please help!


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Might also need to use USBDeview to remove the device from your Windows system's registry before plugging it back in.


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My favorite stupid question, which I’m only asking because it’s happened to me:

Have you tried a different USB cable?

Some, apparently, connect the charging pins but not the data pins; others are just plain intermittent.


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yes I have uninstalled all Drivers, tried it on three computers, one of which has never had kies installed on it before, and have also tried two different cables.