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I recently bought myself an android tablet, and i have been trying to connect my USB keyboard to it. Whenever i plug it in, the tablet doesn't even acknowledge the device is there! I don't even get a message to tell me the usb device isn't recognised. I have tried many usb devices, and none of them seem to work.

However, this micro usb port is the only usb port on the tablet, and is the same one used to charge the tablet, and that works absolutely fine.

If anyone could let me know what i need to do, that would be a big help!


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If your tab has USB On The Go ability, then you would need a microUSB OTG cable for to set your tab in USB host mode.

If your keyboard has a microUSB connector then it might be to use with a USB OTG tab.
If it has a big USB A connector, you should buy a microUSB OTG cable as adaptor.



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You should be lucky :)
" Contents : 1 x Instructions, 1 x OTG Cable, 1 x UK Charger, 1 x USB Cable"

Maybe it is the cable with the miniUSB connector.

You might try the OTG mode first with USB storage stick before you try the keyboard.



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I doubt the usb keyboard will work. But definitely try it. Bluetooth rocketfish works like a charm tho. U dont even haft to select input method. Just start using it and phones like ohhhh ok. Stop using it for a while or walk far enuff away and ur trusty onscreen keyboard is back. [Or turn off the bluetooth keyboard]

With otg cable memory stick will work

Another way to check is in mmt if ur rooted u shoyld see sdcard0, extsd card and various usb folders

Showing u how many devices u can connect via an OTG hub