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I just updated to Windows 7 but not drivers for the Dinc... Any help where to find them?


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Listen... I know how to google... Dont need that kind of help from ya... Thanks for being part of this forum...

I have googled it and I have personally not been able to find a simple USB driver for this... They all talk about making modifications etc..


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Sdk. I'm on Win7 and that's all I use. Install driver package then plug phone into different usb than you've been using. It'll reinstall the drivers.

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The PDAnet drivers worked best for me. If the SDK gives you problems, like it did me, try the PDAnet software.

I'm on a Toshiba Sat laptop. My wifes Gateway laptop worked fine on the SDK drivers. Both are on Win7.


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Depends on what you use it for. adb does not work without drivers. Windows 7 tends to find drivers online when it can, so thats probably what happened.