Feb 25, 2016
When I connect to PC to charge occasionally the nexus will ask if I want to just charge the tablet or additionally transfer files. I haven't seen that option for quite some time now. The PC thinks I have no files on Nexus! I know that the answer to my question is to find that option. When I get that I can move files easily with any of the 3 cables that I have. Have trawled the internet and the answer seems obvious. They say go Settings Storage Menu. (This seems to relate to Jellybean). However for me I go Settings Storage&USB but after that I cannot see a Menu option. The 3 dots top right are what I would assume to be a menu icon however all that gives me is 'Help&Support'. (I'm on v6 Marshmallow). Any thoughts please folks? (Android 6.0.1)
Don't you get a notification drop-down when connecting each time? If not, I think you can find this in Developer Options menu (tap 7 times on build no. to activate) under Select USB Configuration. At least that's where it is on my M8, haven't got round to updating my N7 yet so it might be slightly different.
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Thanks Saltire. Your reply prompted me to look closer at the many icons top left on main screen. It was there!! Many thanks.
Not using your model stuff, but I have different types of USB cables around here.

I have taken to using a label writer to note what they are for.

1. Charges only, no data
2. works for data, don't charge worth a damn
3. only works on a Garmin GPS
4. only works on a hard drive

they all share the same, or nearly the same, connectors....
if you don't label them, and you have more than one, I am sunk!
Very wise words indeed AX! I too use labeling of cables, a DYMO machine, in my case. Not a cable problem in this instance but great advice for those of us with more bits of techno than we can recall!!