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USB Not Recognized

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by acjohnson55, Dec 23, 2009.

  1. acjohnson55

    acjohnson55 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I can't figure out the exact circumstances, but at times the USB connection between my phone and the PC gets broken, and my phone no longer gets recognized. It seems to be a phone-side problem, because it is only rectified when I reboot the phone, but not the PC.

    The last time it happened was after an incoming call disrupted my PDANet connection. When I hung up, the USB icon was gone, and I had to reboot.

    Does anyone else have similar experiences or more information?

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  2. CaptFan

    CaptFan Newbie

    I have had a couple of times when I plugged in my phone and the USB was not recognized but the phone was still charging. A reboot of the phone would then correct the problem. I have not been able to track down the exact cause of the problem but it doesn't bother me that much.
  3. acjohnson55

    acjohnson55 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Yeah, that's basically it. It's not a deal-breaker, but it is really annoying when I'm in a hurry, especially in combination with some of the phones other quirks
  4. hambonewc

    hambonewc Member

    This happens to me quite frequently as well
  5. Talyn

    Talyn Member

    I posted on this, and I have got no answers.

    I think its a driver/phone problem.

    But not sure.
    Really annoying when tethering, cause it seems really random. Sometimes it will last hours and sometimes only 2 mins.
  6. Deleted User

    Deleted User Guest

    It's just the USB plug not going in cleanly and causing a fault in the phones USB circuit. It can garble the USB on any device but with the micro USB plug everythings close together and it's easier to fumble the connection.

    The easiest solution is to make sure all power is removed from the phone so the USB chip gets reset. So take out the battery for a few seconds.

    This can happen on the PC side of the USB connection too, in which case shut down and turn off/unplug the power for a few seconds so the standby power to the motherboard is shut down.

    When everything powers up again, the USB will normally be reset and work as usual.
  7. ~Cha~

    ~Cha~ Member

    I just downloaded the drivers directly from Samsung. That fixed my issue super quick.

    Also i dont use PDAnet for internet. I rooted my phone and use the m900 wireless hotspot. I just plug in the phone so the wireless hotspot doesnt kill my phone in the process.

    I know rooting the phone isnt everyone's cup of tea but it is a more stable and (and in my experience) faster internet experience than PDAnet and also the USB glitch happened less after i switched to this method
  8. 240phil

    240phil Member

    PDAnet is great, but is shoves a lot of information through something that wasn't exactly designed for it.
    That's part of the reason the phone tweaks out and drops the connection.

    The other part is like it was mentioned, the USB itself gets dirty. a piece of dust can cause all kinds of problems.

    If the phone is old, the usb port itself could be dying.
    Say one of those tiny little wires has a crack in it. The more information you shove through that wire, the hotter it gets. The more heat, the more the crack expands. So now, instead of tiny wire, you have a tiny wire with a tinnie tiny little bottle neck, which just compounds the problem. The phone tweaks, and drops the connection. By the time you can get it unplugged, restarted and plugged back in and going again, it has cooled off enough to work again.

    So it is a combination of things.

    Rooting doesn't solve the old phone issue, but it does solve the random tweak out and randomly dropping the driver's issue.
    Stepping up to the latest EB28 roms is highly suggested.
    Otherwise, just count the days til your upgrade and get a new phone.
    That is, if you are going to stick with Sprint, (which isn't highly suggested) but that's a whole other can of worms.

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