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USB or WiFi tethering, FTP upload stalls connection

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by glennn, Sep 3, 2011.

  1. glennn

    glennn Newbie
    Thread Starter

    i have a Cliq XT with Android 2.3 installed (if you have to ask, don't :eek:) and i'd installed PDANet (which works great, by the way).

    while tethered via USB or WiFi to my pc, attempting to transfer files via FTP stalls the connection.

    when my pc is connected i'd experienced transfer problems periodically when i'd attempt to FTP files, but all other types of connections (http, https, mail...) would cause NO problems at all.

    the other day my FTP transfer inability went from sporadic to constant, and has remained.

    *** i can connect to the remote server just fine, but ANY attempt at a file transfer stalls out AND kills the overall connection for a short while ***

    i've been assuming that this was likely a PDANet issue. BUT, i just found a WiFi Hotspot app that also works great (4.5 mbps down on my PC) and the problem persists. i can connect to my remote server fine, but any attempt to upload a file stalls everything. i think about 25k gets uploaded before the upload stalls.

    so anyway, i'm very frustrated, i've uninstalled half the stuff on my phone, i've uninstalled my Internet Security, i've done everything i can think of. i've rebooted both numerous times.

    is there anyone who has an idea what might be causing something like this? it almost certainly has to be phone related since it's happening with both a USB tether and a WiFi tether... and since it has been sporadic, i don't see how my carrier (Family Mobile/T-Mobile from WalMart) can be blocking just file transfers, and nothing else...


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  2. cazz

    cazz Lurker

    hi there,
    i'm a developer having the same problem - I used to use WiFi tethering through my Samsung Galaxy SII and that worked fine for all net and FTP needs. However the Wifi just packed it in on the phone, so I'm having to tether via USB instead. Net all works fine until I try to FTP a file up - and the connection falls in a heap.
    Just wondering if you found any solutions to the problem?
  3. cazz

    cazz Lurker

    i found a way around it, though it doesn't make any sense - I installed the app PdaNet+ and when I use it for my USB tethering, FTP works fine. net seems a lot faster too...

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