USB port not working, only charging

i have a P8 Lite (TAG-L01 - Android 5.1 – EMUI 3.1 Lite) and i am not able to connect it to HiSuite.
it only goes in charging mode when i connect the mobile to the pc via USB cable.
i have enabled USB debug option.
i also asked support to Huawei but nothing worked so far.
do you have any suggestion on how to test USB port and connect mobile to the pc?
thanks a lot

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Do you get any notification when you connect?

no notification!!! I dont' get the chance to select between Charger only, MTP, PTP, MIDI option.

in developer menu:
- USB debugging is ON
- OEM unlocking is ON
- stay awake is ON

i don't have in the developer menu "always prompt when connecting to USB" option which i have on P8 lite 2017

P.S: P8 lite 2017 () works just fine with same Laptop and same cable.

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Is this the first time you have used this device? I'm sure you're probably correct but there's seems to be a mash of model names.

It's running Android 5.1 and has a Lite version of EMUI 3.1? Did you recently buy it online?

It should connect to the pc with a working 2 way cable as in the basic specs, but maybe it won't work with a newer pc suite, though ypu should be able to see the connection on the phone and the storage on the pc.

Is that model name correct? ^


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What kind of computer are you trying to connect your phone to?
It sounds like a USB issue where your P8Lite isn't actually automatically mounting when you plug it in. If the operating system on that computer doesn't detect and mount any external USB device, no application installed on that computer is going to be able to detect and access that device. In this instance, as an example, if it's running Win10 and for some reason your phone isn't automatically mounting itself when you plug it in, you need to look in the Windows Device Manager, and check the USB section if there's anything there flagged as a problem. Since you already tried different USB cables, are you plugging your phone directly into a USB port on the computer, or into a USB hub or some other pass-through USB device?
Also when it involves USB cables, while they all look similar, they are most definitely not the same in quality and reliability. If you're buying your cables at bargain-level prices from off-brand sources, buy a good, branded USB cable instead. They don't cost that much more and they're constructed with higher quality wiring inside, better insulation and shielding on the outside, and more dependable plugs on each end. That results in a better, less problematic file transfers and power delivery. Most people just settle with mysterious issues that randomly occur with cheap USB cables so for a couple of bucks more per cable you can at least take the cable out as part of problem when trying to diagnose some connectivity problem.
But if you have determined your P8Lite is mounting itself properly, have you tried reinstalling the HiSuite utility on this computer? It could just be a matter where the driver/firmware needs to be reloaded for some reason.

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thanks to all for the answer!

i have already tried all the basic troubleshooting steps without success, that's why i came to this forum.

i tried to connect to W10 and W7 using branded USB cables which are working fine with other mobile, HiSuite version (i was told it didn't work with previous versions, but i haven't tried yet). it is from my girlfriend who just bought a new one and i was planning to install a custom rom on it.

as written, mobile is P8 Lite - TAG-L01 - Android 5.1 - EMUI 3.1 Lite, that's a branded italian operator phone (Tim mobile), see screenshot.

in the developer menu, option "always prompt when connecting to USB" is missing - might this be the issue?

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p8 lite info


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