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USB to PC Help

Discussion in 'Android Development' started by IrvineCAGuy, Oct 8, 2014.

  1. IrvineCAGuy

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    I have an Android "controller" app I'm building on a Samsung Tab 4 10.4" display. The app will be used to control an externally connected robotic system via USB (a PC) (or WiFi if I can't get USB to work).

    I'm reading online that not all Android tablets support USB OTG, etc. The Tab 4 connects fine via USB where I can browse from the PC (Windows 7) and of course I'm developing and debugging via USB to PC with Android Studio (a nice dev tool).

    I've tried a few "test" code samples that use UsbManager to to build a hash table of devices using manager.getDeviceLit(); However it returns 0!!!

    I tested this code on several other devices and they all return 0. So?

    How does one do it, or is it not possible, to have a program on a PC send and receive data back and forth from an Android application?


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