Help Use an au Photon 4g on NTT data (iijmio sim)


Hi guys,
I bought my au Photon 4g (ISW11M) about 2 weeks ago, because the YouTube videos showed it was so easy to unlock and use with NTT Data with a iijmio sim card.
It's also a super looking phone and feels great.

Unfortunately, I've had NO such luck!

I'm guessing that few if anyone here can help as it's all Japan based but I've got my fingers crossed...
If anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated.

Firstly, I unlocked the sim card with a bought code of the Internet... Easy! but no connection. I tried the YouTube specified settings and every other combinations I could think of!

Next... Try a custom rom. As shown on Japanese sites.
I rooted with photon_torpedo.tar... No problem
I unlocked the bootloader with pudding & clockworkmod & CWM Recovery... No problem
I installed custom roms...
>BeanStalk-1.168-sunfire (this one just locked-up in startup!)

But after all that NOTHING!!! The phone will NOT connect to NTT.
I've now gone back to unlocked KDDi stock for now \(._.)/

Any ideas?

My ideas are... but I don't have the knowledge to know for sure...
> This phone doesn't have the radio capability to connect to NTT Data (iijmio sim card)
> NTT is blocking my IMEI but then the phone doesn't even pick up a signal and see the NTT Docomo carrier... so I'm guessing not.
> The au phone is just so radio locked up, it can't be changed...

Any help would be great...
Ann Ling