Use android device as bluetooth transmitter?


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Is it possible to use an audio male-to-male cable to send audio from tv to my android phone, so I can listen on a bluetooth headset? Essentially I want to listen to tv on my headset without having to buy an audio transmitter.

I have two spare gingerbread android devices (droid eris and optimus slider) available for this task. One is already rooted and I can root the other one as needed.

(I found this as a very old post on another forum, but with no posted responses, and no similar discussion here).

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Maybe, but you may need a soldering pencil and impedance specs for your jack.

Your headset jack includes a mono microphone input. First, you'll need to match the wiring/jack position with the tv, and you may need to worry about sensitivity (impedance matching).

Then, try a microphone app and hope that you can get the phone to route audio to bluetooth - maybe impossible, as soon as you plug in for microphone, I think that you'll flip the switch from wired headset at the same time.

My guess would be that's your kicker. If you can get around that, then maybe an app like BTMono will help get the last piece in place.

Other than that, I got nothing.


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Sound About (with no space) in the Play Store, check it out. :)

Some spammer, not related, used the name so I can't type it literally, sorry. Will check that on our side.


I have a computer hooked up to a tv in my room, is there any way to use USB to connect to my phone and then use the Bluetooth transmitter on the phone to my beats