Help Use Samsung Epic on JVC headunit...


I hope this is the right area to post this question, as i have spent the past few hours on google and havent found any help.

I just switched from ATT/ iPhone 3gs to Sprint/ Samsung Epic 4G, and use to use the iphone to play my songs through the usb conn on my JVC head unit. Now the Epic doesnt play, the display shows reading then doesnt show anything. i enabled the mass storage on the epic and still no go, and have toggled the usb debugging for the hell of it, but still no luck. I placed the epic in my other vehicle that has a kenwood headunit and it comes right up.

I took the luxury (or waste of time) to contact JVC and all they told me was the headunit was only compaitable with iphone/ipod. I took a 2gb flash drive, formatted it FAT 32, copied about 150 mp3 files to it and it played fine on the headunit.

my question is, is this a common problem with jvc & the android phone as there arent any settings on the headunit, or if there are any work arounds to get this to work. I didnt buy the bluetooth adapter with the headunit, so i'm out of luck there as well as the optional 3.5in audio input cable from them.

my quick solution is just to buy a bigger usb stick and just put my songs on there, but it kind of defeats of the purpose of having a cool phone with the capability and headunit that doesnt quite work right.

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There's not gonna be a work around if the unit is made to be only used with Iphone/Ipods. Just get the Bluetooth adapter added in. I play my phone through bluetooth all the time. Listen to pandora when the radio sucks or I stream my own music from home using audiogalaxy app.