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Tips Use VZW Messages+ app to get phone calls and messages to an ATT LG Watch Urbane 2nd Edition

Discussion in 'LG Watch Urbane' started by xmr405o, Apr 11, 2016.

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    Dec 7, 2009

    Dec 7, 2009
    This might not be new news to some of you but to me it was.

    So everyone knows the LG Watch Urbane 2nd Edition is the first Android Wear device that has standalone data capabilities through a nano SIM card. This means you do not need wifi or to be tethered to a smartphone to use apps that require data such as using cloud sync. Cloud Sync extended the capabilities of AW devices by allowing it to stay connected to your smartphone as long as both devices had an active data connection.

    VZW Messages+ sorta uses the same method to enable you to link wifi enabled or data capable devices so you can get messages and make phone calls from your VZW smartphone. This is also true for Wearables.

    I tried it out on my ATT LG Urbane 2nd edition and it worked like a charm. I left my phone at home and was able to make and receive phone calls using my VZW number with my watch as if my phone was with me. ATT's Numbersync does that too but I believe it's an extra charge to use that function. With Verizon it's included. I could be wrong lol. I don't pay much attention to my VZW bill. :p

    What you need:

    1. A VZW Smartphone that has Advanced Voice capabilities (HD Voice) like the S6, Note 5 etc. Check your smartphone specs to confirm.
    2. ATT LG urbane 2nd edition with some kind of data plan that works with GSM wearables or you can use wifi. I have a tmobile plan.
    3. Message+ app. It should be preinstalled in your VZW branded smartphone. If you disabled it, just like me then re-enabled it.


    1. On your VZW smartphone, subscribe to Integrated Messaging Features by going into the messages+ app and settings. If its the first time you used this app, it may prompt you. It should be included in your smartphone plan but please check just in case.
    2. After that, go to your LG watch Urbane 2nd edition and go to the app drawer.
    3. Check to see if Messages+ and "Calling Setup" is visible in your LG Watch app drawer. If not, you might need to go to the Android Wear app and resync your apps.
    4. Press Calling Setup app. It should ask you a few things like it will check to see if your Smartphone is capable of Advanced calling . It might take a bit.
    5. Once it detects and confirms that Calling features are active, then it will ask to see if the E911 address is working. If it gives the address where you are, then it's working.
    6. Hit next or Ok. (I forget)
    7. Then you should be able to make phone calls and get messages from your smartphone number even if you are away and not connected to your VZW smartphone.


    • You'll be using data rather than minutes or messages when you use this method for phone calls and text. I'm not sure how much data a phone call uses so please use this method with that in mind.
    • Not all data plans, MVNO carrier SIM cards work on this device so YMMV when choosing a data plan. I can confirm that Tmobile and ATT plans work on this device but for some reason their technicians have trouble activating it on their wearable plans. If they know what they are doing you will probably have better luck.
    • Some MVNO's and prepaid plans work on this watch. Truphone is one that I heard that works.
    • Per the Verizon site. Here is what you need to use the calling feature of the Messages+ app.

      Who's eligible to use the Calling feature in the Verizon Messages app?

      To be eligible for Calling in Verizon Messages, you need to:
      Be on a standard monthly plan*
      Have an HD Voice-capable phone
      Have the HD Voice feature on your account and activated
      To learn more about HD Voice visit our HD Voice page.

      Note: If you have any features that are incompatible with HD Voice, you'll need to remove them when you add the HD Voice feature to your account. Learn more about which features you need to remove.

      * Prepaid accounts aren't eligible for HD Voice at this time.



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