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Use your imagination!

Discussion in 'TV & Video' started by Phases, May 24, 2010.

  1. Phases

    Thread Starter

    Alright. Fire up those brain-thingies in your head and start to let that imagination go wild!

    Let's hear some of those ideas that up until now were pretty far fetched - but may not be too far away anymore.

    I'll start. You know that app, Qik Video Camera that let's you stream video - who say they love HD, right? Or how about Knocking Live Beta, that lets you stream video from phone to phone? How far before you think that gets reliable HD support with phones like EVO setting the new standard?

    Now imagine someone at an event of some sort. Nascar, or a horse race. A roller derby. Wait, would that be legal? I don't know. Let's change that. ;)

    How about your brother's 8th birthday party with clowns and a petting zoo.

    With the tools that are about to be easily at hand, now your family who's on the other side of the country could be sitting in their living room watching it all happen, in real time, on their 50 inch plasma.

    In HD. On a couch. Not huddled around a computer monitor.

    With no additional costs.

    Think about front facing cameras.

    Think about how multiple phones can be paired to it. What apps might come into play now? Games will definitely benefit. What other crazy, useful applications might get developed to utilize this?

    Think about parental advantages and controls that could come into play, and monitoring services.

    Think about 3d TVs that are suppose to be coming our way. And now the internet being displayed on TV regularly. Might some new out-of-the-box web standards be developed next?

    Yeah, some of this stuff that's going through my head may be available now - but not as clunk-free and free-free as I'm imagining it to become.

    So let's hear it. The way Google TV can talk to your tv service, your internet, and all your Android phones - with an OS SDK - the possibilities are surely greater than what's seen on the surface. Anyone got any sweeeet ideas?

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  2. ari-free

    ari-free Android Expert

    Anyone could make their own TV channel with very little money and anyone could watch it on the big screen.
  3. Phases

    Thread Starter

    Like current YouTube "shows" (i.e. The Guild) - only on the big screen with your wife. Not at work on your computer then trying to tell her she should check it out sometime.

  4. triffle

    triffle Lurker

    With the openness of android, and the backing by Google, and already hardware vendors backing the project, I can see some great things coming down th pipe... I see this as a way for Google and advertisers to get really creative with commercials (now mini apps embedded in a stream)...

    From what I have read so far (not to much), Google tv is going to be developed on the android sdk. That's great, but what but about htpc guys. Will there be ports to other platforms, or do you feel that Google is going to say, if you want Google tv you will need to get a Google.tv ready device?

    the one thing that I hope Google tv does is to get the media companies to be more open to internet based tv, boxee has made great strides in this area, but they do get a lot of flack from some media corps. I really hope that the are more receptive to Google. They would be stupid not to be. Satellite, and cable's demise has already begun. New business models need to be put in place and thus the opprotunity for $$$.
  5. Intel is porting Android to run on x86 chips, so I think if Google doesn't have an official release for PCs, hackers will put one together. I fully expect those with HTPCs to have an option to run Google TV.
  6. 007shark

    007shark Well-Known Member

    I have a media PC now that I use for my movie collection and Netflix, Hulu, YouTube. I also have an XBox 360 which will have Hulu Plus and ESPN3 this November. Then I have an HD DVR cable box from BrightHouse. I am also using a Control 4 system to control all of this along with my A/V receiver and LG HDTV. If Google TV can bring all this together in a seamless interface, then I am all in. I however think it will fall short.

    I don't think the Google TV from all I have seen will integrate a NAS or shared PC Drive into its search parameters to bring my movie collection seamlessly into my google results. This will still make manually switch to the PC for my TV input and search through my movie collection.

    The Sony flat screen with Google TV built in will be a great technology for secondary or bedroom TVs that only have a basic cable feed. It doesn't have control capability of other components. That means if you have a cable box and your search result is for a show on the cable box, you will manually have to switch to that input on the TV and turn on the cable box and switch to the appropriate channel.

    I am completely missing the point of the Blu-ray player with Google TV. I don't see how it could compliment a system except to add web and search of internet tv.

    The Dish Network DVR with Google TV would seem like the most natural integration of Google TV since it already resides in the device you would tend to watch the most. The drawbacks will depend on limitations put on by Dish. If it was implemented in their sling loaded DVR and gave me all the integrated Android options, I think I might switch TV service providers.

    The Logitech Revue unit has the most potential. Its drawback though is that it is a separate device on a separate TV input to where it would not allow the PIP features or HD overlay unless it was all web content. It will allow control of other devices by bringing its harmony remote technology into it. With this, if your search result is on your cable box and you select it, the Logitech Revue will switch TV inputs and A/V Receiver inputs for the cable box for you. It also promises an android app to use your phone as a remote. However, the Logitech Harmony interface is limited in its abilities for complex theater systems that might have HDMI matrix switches and feeding multiple zones of audio.

    My wish list for Logitech's Google TV is:
    - Being able to be controlled by 3rd Party Universal Remote Systems
    - Built-in HDMI repeater so that it has an HDMI input and output which allows it to place an overlay on the incoming video signal from an HDMI Matrix Switch or A/V Receiver
    - Ability to tie Network Shares to search parameters

    To really put it over the top, a similar interface as Microsoft's Kinect that incorporates cameras and microphones for video chat, voice commands, and hand gestures.

    Overall, I think the Logitech Revue will fit most people's needs and work the best with a typical Living Room setup of TV, A/V Receiver, DVD player, and cable/satellite box. I can't wait till the release to get to try it out and see the specs.

    My background is in the Home Theater industry. I have designed/installed home theaters for 10+ years.
  7. drhill

    drhill Android Expert

    Current problem with the Logitech box is it is one more device to power, have cables going to/from, and the ir blaster.

    I believe the FCC will release there new rules for Cablecards on the 14 of next month. Google was one of the leaders in a group who proposed an IP based box which would deal with descrambling and other variables which would allow all your STBs (or whatever) pull necessary account information from there no matter who your provider is (cable, satellite, fios).

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