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used HTC Evo 4G

Discussion in 'Archived Threads' started by kz0ff97, Sep 17, 2011.

  1. kz0ff97

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    (1) Used HTC Evo 4G *********SOLD************
    (1) SanDisk 8GB microSD installed
    (1) Phantom Skinz screen protector installed
    (1) stock HTC charger
    (1) original box and manual, box is a bit ripped and torn if you care

    Selling my HTC Evo 4G because my work provides a smartphone now so I canceled my service.

    One year old - purchased Sept 2010
    Condition: 8 of 10
    ....The LCD is mint because the screen protector was installed immediately
    ...screen protector is still in pretty good shape
    ...Light scuffs or scratches along the edge/corners.
    ...Some scratches on the camera lens from the stupid design where it is not recessed. I am very careful with my stuff, boy was I pissed when I realized this :-( You can see some stray lines in light photos at times because of this. I would call the phone 9 of 10 if not for this, I don't know how important it is to ppl.
    ....Everything works fine I tested the Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth, Camera, Videocamera all before doing a complete factory reset.
    .... It is back to current stock UnRooted status. I ran the most recent 2.3.3 RUU and did did the OTA PRL update after, and formatted the SD card.

    PM me if interested! THIS IS A GREAT PRICE! I have seen similar phones going for 25-50$ more on eBay. I can send a link to my 500+ rating eBay profile which I am retiring due to nutcases there harassing me (its a different user name) I also sold an HTC Incredible here last year.

    I Will ship via Priority mail in the US.
    I only accept PayPal.

  2. kz0ff97

    kz0ff97 Guest
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    There is one offer pending payment, however feel free to inquire in case that falls through. I will post updates when available. Thanks.
  3. kz0ff97

    kz0ff97 Guest
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    This has been sold. Thanks to all who inquired.

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