Jul 1, 2013
6max 500nl
I found a mini-sd card. When I put it in my phone nothing happened. ..

Was this a bad idea? How do I make sure my slot is working fine now?
Is your MicroSD slot on the outside of the phone? For tablets and phones with external slots, you should see a notification when you insert the card that it is being scanned. If you don't see it, it might be that the card is unformatted or damaged (which would explain why it was just lying around). You could try reading the card in a PC to see if there is a file structure on it.
On the strat 2 . It's on the back above the battery.

Yeah. When I put it in nothin g happens . No alerts. I went into settings/storage, and it says insert Sd card while it's in. So I'm guessing it's toast like ya said...
Yeah if youve formatted it in storage settings or maybe on a pc and it isnt recognised, its a useless lil chunk of silicone n plastic.
Ive found one before in the street that worked (looking through the pics was a bad idea *cringe*) :)